Adventures With the von der Burgs – Stockholm Documentary Family Photography

In November, I was so fortunate to be able to spend a couple of days with Edmund, Rebecca, and their three girls. Rebecca and I have been trying for a couple of years to get our travel schedules to align so that this could happen, so it was especially exciting that it worked out this time.

I caught up with Rebecca and her girls in Stockholm and we headed off to catch the ferry to Runmarö, the small island that they call home and, before I knew it, the shoot was starting as I caught sight of the girls playing in puddles in the car park. A short ferry ride later and we were transferring everyone to their other car, which they leave at the island’s ferry port when they make trips into the city. The island doesn’t have a car ferry, which means that the population has been kept small and the lifestyle on the 8 sq km island is both simple and rewarding. This family was spending their time on the multi-generational von der Burg family property and their temporary home turf is everything that I could’ve hoped for: heavily forested, covered in moss, dotted with homes coated with the traditional Scandinavian deep, earthy, rust-hued paint. The school has 16 children; the nursery has eight. Outside play is encouraged in any weather; they simply dress appropriately for it. The roads are dirt and gravel, and arriving by ATV, golf cart, foot, bike, or car are all equally likely (although, if the weather is clear, car is the least likely mode).

The von der Burg children are three little girls who made a huge impact on me. E is 5. She loves dresses and the colour pink; she’s a born leader and likes being in charge of the daily vitamin distribution; she consistently manages to drop her ice cream – bought using their money from recycling – on the ground; she loves to explore and isn’t shy about meeting new people; she proudly speaks English and “American,” as well as Swedish. ;)  A is 3. She likes hair clips, choosing how Edmund will do her hair in the morning and making faces; she is an expressive speaker who switches back and forth between English and Swedish with astonishing ease for someone who only just learned a second language (Swedish); mornings and zippers are both challenging; and her demeanour bears a striking resemblance to a minion, which kept me in stitches for my entire visit. B rounds out the family at the ripe old age of five weeks. She loves feeding and cuddles; she’s a good sleeper as long as it isn’t family meal time (sound familiar??); she’s got impressive neck strength and is extremely curious. Oh, and there’s a fourth girl: Molly. She’s about 100 in human years and has been with Rebecca for what seems like forever. Although her age is starting to show, she still loves exploring the island; sitting in the sunshine; jumping in water; and tagging along to the next room to feel like she’s in on the action. It’s a rare occasion when Rebecca goes somewhere and Molly doesn’t follow.

Rebecca and Edmund show a faith in their children that is both refreshing and heartwarming. They trust their children to make the right decisions and simply redirect the girls when needed. They choose their battles – like whether what one wears to school is really important – and know what actually matters in the grand scheme of their family values (hint: it isn’t appearances; I loved the results that came from letting the girls choose their own clothes in the morning). Story time matters; cuddles matter; a rational understanding of the world around them and the way it works matters. They spend time focused on their children and play while still working towards larger goals that will help give their daughters a sense of the world in a greater context. 

The detail about this session that will forever stand out in my mind is the complete trust that I was shown while with Rebecca and her family. I’m fortunate; my clients often voice those magic words: “Do what you need to do. I trust you.” But when you’re doing documentary photography and families open up their real home and their real lives, it leaves them exceptionally vulnerable. It would be so easy – and, perhaps, tempting – to show your ideal family life instead of your actual family life because you think the former will photograph better. There’s one thing I can tell you with complete certainty: Rebecca and Edmund’s actual life, complete with morning school rush chaos, meltdowns, accidents, meal times, play time, and LOTS of laughter, is all kinds of actual awesome.

I look back on that visit with glasses tinted a very specific shade of pink, but still struggle to pinpoint why I love these types of sessions so much. The activities that I was photographing were not unusual – morning wake up, breakfast, school drop off and pick up, the walk home from school, dinner, evening play and bedtime. There’s nothing special or unusual about any of those activities. Most families go through the same set of activities every school day. It’s the laughter, the occasional tears (poor A was pretty wiped out, so there were a few more tears than usual), the conflict and the tenderness that makes these particular images special for this particular family. That’s what makes these sessions meaningful. If I went back to visit in a year’s time, the results would be completely different. The exact details of which activity causes excitement, which one brings conflict, which child is expressing herself the most freely, and what moments emerge is what differentiates each family from the next and even one family from each year to the next. These sessions create a visual time capsule.

The photos from this session still make me smile all these months later. They stand not as individual photographs, but weave together to create a narrative about a family who work together and are honest with each other. Here are some of my favourite moments from my magical time with this little family. Stockholm girl playing in parking lot Stockholm family boarding ferry Stockholm girl on bathroom floor Stockholm sisters in bedroom Stockholm girl crying over cereal Stockholm girl getting hair done by dad Stockholm girl resting chin on hands at table Stockholm girl measuring out drops Stockholm sister with mom and baby Stockholm dad with daughter on counter Stockholm mom cuddling with two daughters Stockholm girl with dad in bathroom Stockholm girl in window Stockholm girl zipping sweater Stockholm girl having trouble with zipper Stockholm girl getting coat zipped Stockholm family leaving for school girls leaving for school on golf cart Stockholm girl walking to nursery with dad Stockholm girl arriving at nursery Stockholm girl getting dressed at school Stockholm baby in bed Stockholm baby in window Stockholm baby on couch dog on couch mom walking with daughter in Nore dog on the path the road to Nore Stockholm fika Stockholm mom walking up school ramp Stockholm mom picking daughter up at school Stockholm girl crying to mom at school gate Stockholm mother and daughter's rubber boots Stockholm girl watching family arrive at school Stockholm girl crying on road Stockholm family walking home from school Stockholm sister hanging from pole Stockholm sisters playing on rocks and poles Stockholm family getting into car Stockholm family choosing ice cream Stockholm girls choosing ice cream Stockholm girls waiting for ice cream Stockholm family waiting for groceries at check out Stockholm girl eating ice cream Stockholm daughter doing mom's hair Stockholm mom and daughter doing hair Stockholm girl playing with hair clips Stockholm mom plaing with blocks Stockholm mom and daughter playing with blocks Stockholm family playing with dad Stockholm family playing tickle game Stockholm family lying on floor Stockholm family playing on floor Stockholm girl lying on floor looking at mousetrap Stockholm girl hiding in cupboards Stockholm girls with balloons Stockholm baby smiling at dad
Stockholm family in tub Stockholm dad with baby Stockholm girl in bathtub Stockholm girls after bath in towels Stockholm mom breastfeeding at bedtime Stockholm family reading bedtime stories Stockholm mom in bed with daughter Stockholm girl in bed sucking thumb Stockholm mom kissing daughter goodnight


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