Couple eskimo kissing on bed holding newbornThe Rands – Candid Cornwall Newborn Photography

My heart is filled with so much joy when I see families reveling in the magic of childhood. It’s why I do what I do. When that family is experiencing the stress, fatigue, wonder and happiness of suddenly including an infant in their lives, my emotions step up a notch. My time with Tom, Val, Zander and Finley was a tidal wave of emotion. Tenderness, uncertainty, fear: they’re all part of welcoming a newborn into your life. Society isn’t doing a very good job of helping new parents adequately prepare for the changes that come with a baby, but Tom and Val approached their new role with gentleness, lighthearted humour and empathy.

There are so many new experiences that come with having a baby. Counting little toes. Sponge-bathing tiny legs. Learning the realities of breastfeeding. Listening to tiny wails of frustration or discomfort. Figuring out how to soothe a tiny human.

Val and Tom, you are doing it all with grace. Your will and candour at a time when everyone is working on learning new skills warmed my heart. Thank you for letting me in and for trusting that we could do this together.

Here’s a little look into an afternoon with this beautiful family:

Parents with newborn infant on bed Newborn baby boy in striped swaddle Dad soothing crying newborn Closeup of mom caressing newborn son Mom testing bath temperature in kitchen sink Mom and dad giving newborn son his first bath Mom changing newborn baby boy Newborn baby's first bath Tender moment with dad and newborn baby boy Candid family shot of boy meeting baby brother on living room couch Young family with son and new baby boy Cornwall family on living room couch under picture frames Swaddled newborn baby with foot peeking out

I’m Ang – a Cornwall, Ontario-based photographer with a passion for capturing light and photographing natural moments in life as they happen anywhere in the world. My job is capturing memories that you’ll cherish once your children are too grown up to curl into your lap for cuddles and the house seems oddly quiet at night. I love meeting new families in their natural environment and getting in amongst the bedlam so that I can document the perfectly imperfect realities of daily life. Please explore more of to see more examples of  candid Cornwall newborn photography.