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This session was such an interesting one! These two are not recently engaged; they aren’t celebrating an anniversary; they weren’t looking for photos of them with their three children. Peter and Tammie wanted portraits to show their connection after 21 years of marriage and I was thrilled to be along for the ride. I was also thrilled to be asked to do “portraits” that wouldn’t be standard smile-and-look-at-the-camera portraits. Anyone who has ever spoken to me about weddings probably knows how strongly emotional I am about them, so a session that was focused on highlighting connection after two decades of marriage was perfect for me.

This session came in two parts: one in Cornwall’s downtown core because they’re both Cornwall born and bred, and Tammie spent a great deal of her childhood around the downtown Pitt St area; the second was at Cornwall Gravel’s offices, where Peter has spent his life working in the family business. This is the sort of thing I love – couples choosing locations meaningful to them. We managed to sneak the session in just in time to take advantage of the last of the sunlight as the sun dropped below the downtown skyline and then headed over to Cumberland to make use of the office space. This shoot made me more than a little nervous; it required me to learn some new skills and really put them to the test on the first go. I was thankful that these two were willing to be my guinea pigs for new lighting efforts and so thrilled that it paid off!

It was fun getting Peter to relax and connect in a way that showed off his natural chemistry with Tammie. These two enjoyed a chance to just be together – nowhere to rush off to, nothing on the “to Do” list for a full hour and a half – and they laughed their way through the session. It was awesome that they were willing to go along with whatever I suggested. That kind of trust is SO important when working with couples and it is so gratifying to be on the receiving end. I found it really neat to see how Peter’s focus shifted away from “being photographed” to “being with Tammie” as the session progressed and how easily these two related to one another in whatever situation I put them in. Being romantic in front of a camera isn’t always easy for guys, but Peter settled right in. :)

Peter and Tammie, thanks for an entertaining session! Here are some favourites from your shoot:

man hugging woman in blue shirt man in black shirt woman in blue shirt green wall wan and woman under Enter sign man touching woman's collarbone man and woman in front of black building man touching woman's thigh in office man and woman nose to nose blue wall man touching woman's ankle

I’m Ang – a Cornwall portrait photographer with a passion for capturing light and photographing life as it happens, but every now and then I get to mix my lighting techniques up a little, like I did with Peter and Tammie. I love working with couples from Cornwall and around the world to capture connections and relationships through the grand gestures and the little details. Please explore more of to see more.