By mid-summer, I had two newborn sessions waiting for me, which ended up allowing me to take two completely different approaches to the shoots.

Olivia, Austin, and Josée joined me in the studio for a heartbreakingly sweet session. Josée and Austin were calm, quiet, and rippling with the uncertainty that faces new parents when presented with their new bundle. On top of all of that, they are clearly devoted to each other and to Olivia, madly in love, and emanating that new parent glow that shows in their photos.

Olivia was just adorable with her button nose and sleepy face! She made it through her session like a pro; I didn’t want to give her back when it was time to call it quits. :) I was so thrilled that this new little family could join me from Ottawa for another beautiful session.

Josée and Austin, congratulations on your beautiful baby! Olivia is so precious. Here are some of your highlights:
Collage 1Collage 2Collage 3
A few days later, I joined Trevor, Leslie, Milo and Fitz at home for a lifestyle newborn session. I love doing these sessions – unobtrusive documentary style shooting was how I first got interested in photography to begin with – but it takes a special family to make it happen because these sessions don’t, for the most part, result in posed photos. You have to be willing to let go of that image of even lighting and perfectly posed sleepy newborns, and embrace the idea that the images from your session will help to tell the story of your life right now in all its beautifully imperfect glory.

The Deschamps gang were so much fun to work with. It’s clear that they already have a good thing going with Milo, who is full of character and life in the best sorts of ways, so my focus was showing how they are managing to balance a busy household along with spending time with their newborn son. It was a joy to watch them all move from bath time to story time, through to playtime and lunch, before Milo got to head for his nap, and Trev and Les enjoyed some quiet time with Fitz.

These guys are fun and über-casual, making it all the more poignant when they made a comment that expressed uncertainty. Little moments like that help me remember that having raised a newborn once before doesn’t mean that new (again) parents feel like they know what they’re doing any more this time around than they did the first time. It just gets more exciting when you’ve got two. :)

Trev and Les, thanks for having the guts to go with this type of session. I had an awesome time working with the four of you! Here are some of your highlights:

Collage 1Collage 2Collage 3Collage 4Collage 5

Whether you’re after the posed beauty of a studio session or the perfect imperfection of a natural light lifestyle session, newborn sessions are always a good idea. Lifestyle sessions can be done in place of a regular one-hour family portrait session, or there are options for extended sessions to really allow you to have a complete picture of your family at this moment in time. For more info on lifestyle sessions, contact me or have a look here.