bride and groom look towards sun while holding handsNick & Chantal’s Elegant Cornwall Evening Wedding

Nick and Chantal’s September wedding happened on a clear, perfectly warm Friday. Large families meant that they opted to go with an evening ceremony and a late reception. This unique twist on a traditional day allowed me to mingle with their family and get to know a few people during an informal dinner break before the ceremony.

I remember very clearly the moment when the significance of everything clicked for Chantal. Nick was on the waterfront; Chantal was preparing to go join him. The nerves and the joy took over – and the tears began. I tried to keep my own eyes dry while I watched her silently wipe tears away during the long walk towards Nick and reveled in the sincerity of their first look at one another. Their first look was quiet, honest and so touching.

We spent their portrait time laughing, trying not to fall in holes, playing with sticks, and enjoying the incredible end-of-summer weather. The sunlight was just perfect by the time that we were ready for Nick and Chantal’s portraits. Since these two are awesome, their portraits also included a little adventure into the woods. I let these two be alone in some gorgeous light while I tried not to squeal with excitement. Because of their engagement session, I already knew that these two share a wicked connection in front of the camera, so bringing that out took very little coaxing and I was often able to just leave them alone to just be together and show off their natural chemistry.

It’s worth mentioning somewhere in here that the wedding party was freakin’ awesome. Humour, love, wit, a good appreciation of time restrictions… They had everything that I love in a wedding party AND they rocked the camera. :)

Their big, fun, boisterous reception also featured the most thoughtful first dances. Slideshows and specifically selected songs for Nick’s Mom and Chantal’s Dad meant that I very nearly ugly-cried during the father daughter dance. My day was complete because I knew that these two went to such lengths to show two important people how meaningful they are.

I’ve known for almost a year that Nick and Chantal’s day would be a memorable one. Actually witnessing their day, though, and seeing how they truly cherish their family served as a perfect reminder of how happy I was that they found me.

Nick and Chantal, thank you. For being yourselves. For being present for one another that day. For laughing and crying openly. For loving your family the way that you do. It makes my “job” feel like anything but.

Here’s a little selection of my own favourites from your day:

blue tie and brown shoes for groom silver sequin sandals for brideCornwall wedding rings on champagne gold sequins and flowers from Blooms coin jar for honeymoon fund Cornwall groomsmen get ready in kitchen Groom gets ready in kitchen and puts on suspenders groom sets time on watch ring bearer does up buttons on dress shirt groomsmen leave house to prepare for Cornwall evening wedding bride hangs dress and puts on bracelet bride gets help with dress from mom and sister Cornwall bride attaches boutonniere to father's lapel bride laughs with bridesmaids in front of fence bride in fit and flare gown wipes tears while walking bride puts hands on groom's back during first look Bride and groom hug during first look Bride and groom framed by cedars on sunny day Cornwall wedding party poses while boy jumps
groom holds bride and nuzzles her neck in park bride looks at groom while he holds her under a willow tree bride and groom hug under willow trees on bicycle path groom helps bride with fit and flare gown in the forest Groom hugs bride in bright forest sunlight Bride and groom in patch of sunlight in forest Bride and groom kiss in forest Cornwall wedding party standing around rocks in front of pines ring bearer waits for bride to arrive for Cornwall evening wedding Bridesmaids walk to church at dusk for Cornwall evening wedding mother and father watch daughter get married during Cornwall evening wedding Boy blocks ears during Cornwall evening wedding Bride and groom exit down aisle after their Cornwall evening wedding Bride and groom at church doors after their Cornwall evening wedding bride dances and hugs father during Cornwall evening wedding Parents toast bride and groom during Cornwall evening wedding Man kisses woman's cheek during Cornwall evening wedding guests dancing under spotlights during Cornwall evening wedding guests dancing on dancefloor during Cornwall evening wedding girl dances in centre of circle during Cornwall evening weddingBride and groom cuddle under willow tree

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