parents swinging young smiling boy in rural family photo shoot

The Breuers – Rural Cornwall Family Session

This family of three have been clients of mine for three years. I’ve done SEVEN sessions with them. SEVEN! Believe it or not, the timing of Loes’s pregnancy and a day of unfortunate, extreme heat means that this is the first time that we managed to do an outdoor shoot. And what a shoot it was.

Elliot wasn’t interested in portraits, but as a documentary family photographer, this was kind of perfect for me. That meant that we got to get on with the serious business of playing and exploring their property. Hans and Loes’s farmhouse property is home to one of the most gorgeous old maples I’ve ever seen, and our session happened to coincide with it showing off its full autumnal glory. They have apple trees and cedar hedges and tractors and giant tires…. Oh, and the late-day light just happens to hit the side of their big white house, creating a giant reflector and lighting up their entire side yard. Their place was equivalent to a personal playground for me!

Luckily for me, E was happy to show me around and explore with me. While I followed along with my camera, he jumped off tires, picked some apples, play peek-a-boo, walked a “tight rope” made of metal sheeting, and climbed on the tractor with Dad. One of my favourite moments happened while I was shooting E and Loes running together. As they picked up speed, his eyes grew wider and wider, and I got to watch that look of pure glee that spreads over a child’s face when they run so fast that they aren’t too sure if their feet will keep up. That sheer exhilaration from knowing what yr body can do – and knowing that your face gets to stay intact because you didn’t wipe out. :)

In my world, this session is what fall family portraits are all about. Do something you love with people you love. Catch it on camera. It’s simple.

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I’m Ang. I’m a Cornwall, Ontario-based photographer offering maternity, child and family portraiture in and around SD&G. Visual storytelling is what I do best; weddings and documentary family sessions are available worldwide.  I’m an avid traveler and my passport is always up-to-date. I have dual citizenship with the UK and I’m ALWAYS ready for an adventure. Laughter is important in my work because it’s important in my life. My clients experience informal, interesting shoots that make them feel connected to one another and full of life. Please explore more of Photography‘s site to see more examples of my take on storytelling family photography.