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I’ve worked with these guys on a number of occasions from family photos, to their wedding, to Scott’s not-so-boring school photo session last fall, so by now I know that a session with the Osbornes is pretty much a guaranteed grinfest – and I wasn’t wrong. This session sticks out in my mind for so many reasons: 1) this family contains four of the sweetest people in town, 2) these two little boys showed me how to do some serious playing, and 3) I laughed so much during this session that I had a smile on my face for the rest of the weekend! :)

When Kelly booked the session, we agreed that we needed to do something a little different, so instead of opting for a pretty-but-not-significant location, I suggested that we stick close to home and photograph the four of them doing something together. As a result, we ended up in their home – they’re in the process of moving, making the idea of getting photos of the boys in their childhood home extra appealing – where we jumped on the bed, rolled into the ditch (limped-legged and backwards with an astonishing amount of confidence, in Oliver’s case), played on the swing across the street, jumped off the picnic table, and then we still managed to bag a few standard portraits in there as well. I love that children – and especially these two boys – play with such gusto and panache; there’s a whole-body, wholehearted effort on their part (or perhaps no effort; it just happens?) to enjoy what they’re doing and I think a lot of adults could learn a great deal from stopping and really watching their children play. The result is that my viewfinder was filled with frame after frame of honest images of this family enjoying one another (and enjoying chewing gum!).

Jon and Kelly, the laughs aren’t always intentional, but your boys never fail to make me smile! Thanks for a great session! Here are some highlights:

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