Chic Elegant Cornwall Wedding At NAVCentre


bride wearing diamante headpiece for NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographer

Meet Sarah and Bobby. They’re sweet, lighthearted, friendly people with quick smiles and gentle spirits; people I could happily share a bottle of wine and a bunch of laughs with (oh wait – we DID). You may have seen their late-summer engagement session, which was set in Bobby’s family’s garage. (If not, you should really check it out here because they were remarkable to work with.) This little experiment set the tone for the rest of our work together and I was genuinely so excited to work with these two on their wedding day. They combine forces to make an incredible, trusting and genuine couple, and they work together so effortlessly to create some truly beautiful photos.

Sarah and Bobby’s early-October wedding was set to be a gorgeous outdoor event…. and then the weather had other ideas. The only way to describe the weather on Bobby and Sarah’s wedding day is “soggy”. It wasn’t raining so much that you’d get drenched, but it was raining too much to consider outdoor photos without any shelter. This meant that their outdoor ceremony was moved indoors and I had backup plans coming out my wazoo according to how much rain was coming down at any given time. Fortunately, these two absolutely amazing individuals and their fun-loving wedding party chose not to dwell on the weather and focused instead on having a fantastic time – under shelter – and they all rocked their photos. The thing I noticed about their day is that no one seemed fazed about the weather. No one. I give a great deal of credit to everyone involved for not dwelling on what could’ve been and instead celebrating what was actually there because what we had was pure awesomeness. When the weather doesn’t cooperate on someone’s wedding day, I take it as a personal challenge to create equally (if not extra) special images for my couple because they’re likely already worried about what the weather means for their photos. The fun little background detail about this wedding was that several details all came together at just the right time. Techniques I’d been thinking about suddenly made sense, my off-camera flash gear arrived the day before the wedding, and I finally saw lines and angles in NAVCentre that I hadn’t ever noticed before.

Some things to keep an eye out for in these highlights: the sense of confusion as Bobby tried to figure out his suspenders; the mini-groomsman rocking the hands-in-pockets pose on the overhead walkway next to the ‘big boys’; Bobby’s tire tread-patterned ring – the most ingenious way I’ve ever seen of incorporating a personal interest into the groom’s details; the moments shared between Sarah and her mom as Sarah got into her absolutely stunning gown; Sarah’s face during the speeches as she learns that her sisters cut up her SpiceWorld video and that it didn’t just happen to get mangled in the VCR when they were young; Sarah’s gorgeous mom as she gets teary during the slideshow; Bobby’s mom bustin’ a move on the dance floor and on the back of one of the groomsmen; line dancing oldies! :) I also loved what Angela from Midnight Confetti on Facebook created in the banquet room – the vases with orchids and the bejeweled-and-ruched detail on the head table were gorgeous; and Stacy from DJ Sound did an incredible job keeping the dance floor energy going.

Working with two people who connect like Sarah and Bobby do is so special. They’re madly in love and it was so much fun trying to capture everything that that means. Sarah and Bobby, thanks for keeping me smiling with your antics and taking my breath away with your emotions. Here are some of my favourite images to tell your story:

ushers tying ties for NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographergroom and ushers leaning on wall - Cornwall wedding photographerstethoscope and rings for NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerbride and mother laughing during prep at NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerNAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerbride and groom in rearview mirror at NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerwedding party in pink and grey at NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerhomemade candles at NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerbride making surprised faces during NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerNAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerguests watching speakers at NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerbride and groom making speech during NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerbride in bathroom stall at NAVCentre wedding - Cornwall wedding photographerNAVCentre wedding party on dancefloor - Cornwall wedding photographerNAVCentre wedding couple on walkway - Cornwall wedding photographer

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