After a week of rain, there were sighs of relief when the forecast was – for a change – accurate in its prediction of brilliant sunshine for  Matt and Ashley’s August wedding day, when the two were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the lawn at NavCan.

This was a wedding I’d been looking forward to; the couple, who have personalities remarkably similar to my husband and I, were keen to have fun in a big way on their big day so, for weeks before the wedding, I had visions of family picnic-style games running through my head for the more lighthearted wedding party shots. As well as being keen for some laughs, they were also not ones to stick to public property for their wedding photos, so they arrived (with their entourage) at a not-so-little property along the St Lawrence to confirm that the owner (who had been contacted previously) was all right with us using his property for photos. Who’s going to turn down a bride in her wedding dress?! Not this guy. So we were treated to the view of a shirtless middle-aged man working on his boat while we worked through our shots. :)

Ashley’s uber-funky dress came complete with pockets (!) while her bridesmaids wore stunning knee-length coral chiffon, and Matt and his boys looked especially dapper in charcoal suits with coral accents. The travel theme was a great touch for this pair, since Matt is a pilot, and the theme was evident in the vintage-styled decor – even some of the guests’ Mad Libs stories had a travel theme.

Had I not asked, I would never have known that this wedding party wasn’t familiar with one another. They gelled so well that getting personality-filled shots was never difficult, and with a good-looking group like this, doing the formals wasn’t exactly a challenge, either.


Matt and Ashley, thank you for being such a classy pair and allowing me to share in the fun on your wedding day! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding. It was inevitable that there would have to be many, many favourites omitted, since I could barely even narrow down your overall collection, but here’s a collection of at least some of my favourite shots.


Buxton - MattBuxton - Matt 2Buxton - Ashley 1Buxton - AShley 2Buxton - AShley 3

Buxton17813 0289Buxton17813 0433Buxton - CeremonyBuxton - Goofing AroundWedding Party 1Buxton - WEdding Party 3Buxton - Wedding Party 4Buxton - DetailsBuxton- First DanceBuxton - Dancefloor