During a trip to Toronto to return my visiting in-laws to the airport, I managed to schedule a pit stop to visit with Kate, Glenn, Owen, and Owen’s new brother, Connor, in the comfort of their Seelys Bay home. It’s been a couple of years since I last worked with the Greens, but I can still vividly recall the results of their session when Owen was just learning to sit, and the expressiveness of Owen’s face still makes me laugh.

I always have mixed emotions about at-home newborn sessions because it’s sometimes a challenge to have to leave so much of my studio at home, but the opportunity to capture images of growing families on their own turf can completely – and positively – change the outcome of a session, which is always rewarding. After getting some images of Connor on his own, I took a few minutes to capture some of him and Kate together before we moved out to their beautiful sunroom to finish the rest of the session, which gave the Greens some great family photos to choose from.

Owen was very interested in the goings-on in his living room that afternoon, and rightfully so. It’s not every day that someone invades your house, moves furniture around, takes your new little brother, and sets up all sorts of new stuff that Mom and Dad say you’re not supposed to touch (even though it’s soooooo tempting! He did so well :) ). Owen and Connor were rock stars. Connor chilled out in or on whatever we gave him; sometimes he slept, sometimes he didn’t, but when he didn’t, he made great eye contact for someone who can only see shadows! Owen did his best ‘boo’-ing and smiles for the camera, showed some exceptional tenderness towards Connor (the results of which made me stop everything when I saw the images), and generally monitored the situation to make sure Connor was safe.

Here are some images to make you smile:

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Rounding out my collection of March newborns, we have the Grisés. Back in December, I had 3 maternity clients in 30 hrs, all of whom were due within the same couple of days – and all of whom delivered late (poor girls!). Chelsea’s was the second belly to ‘pop’, and so I got to spend some time with her, Dan and Parker near the end of March. Once again, I got to bask in the joy of watching another set of first-time parents experience a newborn session. There’s this indescribable look that comes over a new parent’s face when you get their tiny little child into position and you know: you’re doing something for these people that they’ll never ever forget. That’s why I do my job – and why it hardly ever feels like work. :)

Chelsea and Dan came with some props (soccer goalie gloves; a goalie mask and trapper) and one unplanned prop that I just adored: a beautiful white hat knitted by Chelsea’s aunt. That, and the fact that Parker immediately and yet inexplicably brought to mind the raven-haired boy wonder, Max, from Where the Wild Things Are, meant that I knew we were in for a good time together. There may not have been much “rumpusing” during his session (thankfully), but Parker and I got along like old friends.

Like B earlier in the month, Parker was full of smiles (or gas – maybe a bit of both!  :P ), which makes for awesome results. If you’re needing to top up on your dose of baby cuteness, be sure to look for the grin while he wears Mom and Dad’s wedding bands.

Here are some results from their beautiful session:

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