The first week of November brought two new babies into my life. Nature loves a bit of balance, so I was lucky enough to get one boy and one girl.

First in was the exceedingly gorgeous Connor, who charmed me right from the start with his sleepy face and mop of dark hair. His need for constant warmth meant we cranked the fireplace and kept inching closer to it until we found the perfect temperature and it might’ve felt like we were doing the shoot in Hawaii, but who can blame him for wanting to be cozy? Jenna and Kirk were so great; patient, calm, and so tender in their shots with their little guy that the results took my breath away. I ended up with so many favourites from this session that I barely knew where to start when I sat down to do my editing.

Next up was the oh-so-tiny Sadie. Born a solid month sooner than expected, her arrival in the studio was as happy for me as it was unexpected for Luke and Megan. Sadie is the younger sister of Mila, who has long been one of my favourite little ladies to work with. Mila and I have a fair bit of history together, so I had high hopes for this session with her sister – and I wasn’t disappointed! Sadie slept like a log through set after set after set and didn’t seem fazed by any transitions, which made for an awesome shoot. She just kept sleeping! I also loved getting the chance to do something a little different with the two sisters; the coming of cold weather meant that my barn-board set had moved inside and made a great backdrop for some shots of the two of them together. We managed to squeeze in some blanket shots, some Christmas shots, some barn-board shots… I was in little-girl heaven at the cuteness of it all.

Between little-boy cuteness and little-girl beauty, I spent a week in baby bliss! Here are some favourites.

MacMillan 1MacMillan 2Sims 1Sims 2Sims 3