I’ve had the good fortune of working with some exceptionally gorgeous pregnant women and their families lately, so it’s about time a few faces made their appearance on the blog.

First up is Adele, who brought along her husband and daughter for an absolutely priceless session. It’s not often that I get to work with older siblings during maternity sessions, so I was especially excited about this session and Macyn was an absolute joy to photograph. Adele has definitely found her glow – what incredible skin! – and has an awesome figure, which she used to great effect, managing to make every pose look effortless.

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Next up are Allison and Ollie who, regular readers of my Facebook page will know, are very special to me, since Al is my younger sister. Allison’s husband was sick with the flu, so their session will hopefully have a Part II to come sometime soon. Working with Allison is always a treat because she understands the value of a photograph, and is always very introspective about her sessions – why she’s having photos done, what she wants to get from the session, and what she wants to remember about this period in her life. She enjoys artistic maternity photos, which is great because it lets me test out new ideas and in this case we tested out lots of new things – new loveseat, new ladder, new set idea (still a work in progress), new dresses from Frances Annie Baxter. We also got to play around with a toddler who was not exactly eager to sit still but was very pleased to be included. Ollie did a great job of getting in on the action and knows exactly where “baby” is, so his soon-to-be little sister is in good hands – Ollie’s definitely keeping an eye on her already!Carriere1214 016Carriere1214 037aCarriere1214 057Carriere1214 065Carriere1214 070Carriere1214 076Carriere1214 080Carriere1214 089Carriere1214 090Carriere1214 095Carriere1214 097Carriere1214 102

As part of a Saturday maternity mini-marathon, I was very excited to see Tara and her mom Bev back in the studio. Tara was one of my 2013 brides, so it’s always great to welcome past clients back to mark another life milestone. Tara loves classic photos; her wedding was all about making timeless images, and she was after something similar for her maternity photos – images that would show the raw and natural beauty of pregnancy in a bump-focused way. As a fun little added element, we got to spend a short while outside, skating across my backyard and standing in the ditch to get some shots in the midafternoon snowfall. I was thrilled that she was keen to go outside because I’ve never had the privilege of working with a maternity client outdoors during a beautiful snowfall. It was a real bonus having Tara’s mom in the studio because it really gave the session a family feel. Bev is such a warm and caring person and it’s always a pleasure to see her with her daughter.


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Finally, we have Chelsea and Dan, who came ready to get some classic images but also came prepared to have a good laugh. Theirs was a laid-back session (quite literally, in some cases) and it was clear that Chelsea has enjoyed her pregnancy and that Dan has enjoyed watching it all happen. Chelsea managed to exude an air of grace in her poses that just about took my breath away at times, and seeing the tenderness in the images with Dan and Chelsea forced me to reflect on the nature of these sessions and just how important these moments are in the grand scheme of life’s milestones. I really enjoyed this session and the ability these two had to make any pose entertaining both for themselves and for me! :)

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