stack of Modern Ontario Wedding Albums

Creating Boutique Modern Ontario Wedding Albums

This post is being written while I anxiously await the delivery of two gorgeous new modern Ontario wedding albums. The wait gives me butterflies every time.

brown embossed leather Modern Ontario Wedding Album cover on top of Album Epoca box

I believe – passionately – in the power of the printed image. I believe in turning digital images into tangible prints as a way of creating a physical archive for our children and future generations. I believe in showing, in print, how we love others – on big days, like weddings, and on “everydays” through documentary family sessions. I believe in working with clients who value these same things, and I’m so grateful that these clients keep finding me and discovering the joy found in receiving their own wedding album.

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There’s a moment during every wedding consult when I get to hand new couples an album for them to flip through. Each time, whether they’ve felt sure that they wanted an album or were still waiting to decide, there’s a look of understanding that crosses their face. THAT is magic. That understanding, that connection with print and the thought of what it would look like to see their own memories printed on those pages, within those two covers, is so special to me.


cover of Modern Ontario Wedding Album featuring couple cuddling at sunset with tree shadowed in backgroundinterior of Modern Ontario Wedding Album featuring dad laughing during Cornwall Golf & Country Club wedding ceremony


I have the great pleasure of working with AlbumEpoca, an Italian-based album company who produce outstanding books that make me giddy each time they arrive. These gorgeous heirloom books are hand assembled and come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that when I place them in my clients’ hands, I know that these priceless albums are going to be with them for generations. I love the idea of these books becoming part of my clients’ homes and their lives. What could be more beautiful than a well-worn wedding album that is out on the coffee table every day?


Embossed leather cover of Modern Ontario Wedding Album featuring couple cuddling in front of rusted metal wallinterior of Modern Ontario Wedding Album featuring bride and groom in front of rusted aluminum wall


I would love to talk to you about my albums and put them in your hands so that you can maybe understand why I love them so much. Feel free to click on “Contact” button to start the conversation. Curious about what other printing option I offer to wedding clients? Check out this gorgeous unbound album.


ring on tree stump on cover of Modern Ontario Wedding AlbumAlbums 058


I’m Ang – a Cornwall, Ontario-based photographer with a keen interest in exploring. I have a passion for capturing light and photographing natural moments in life as they happen. I love working with couples from Cornwall and around the world on their wedding day so that I can capture the little details and emotions that are shared. My goal is to present each and every client with a boutique album that documents their wedding day, leaving my couples with something to treasure long after the dress has been dry cleaned and the flowers have gone. Please explore more of to see more examples of my wedding photography, whether along the waters of 1000 Islands, the peak of Calabogie,  the beaches of New Zealand, or the mountains of Wales.