family photos arranged on the floor
58 years. Fifty. Eight. That’s a whole lot of years to spend loving someone.And yet, here they are.

This session was truly special and I’ve been waiting to blog it because I wanted to make sure I found the right words.

I joined Pat and Ward (actually, John, but I loved that Pat calls him by his last name because when they met they knew so many Johns that it was hard to get the right one to answer when you called out the name) for a visit on the afternoon of their anniversary. The table was set with linens, their best china and their fine crystal. The lobster was chilling in the fridge; a cake was baked and ready to go. Cards rested at their place settings, ready to be opened during their meal together. While I was there, they had three generations of visitors, and Harrison’s just-started-crawling-and-I’m-curious nature meant that he happily explored the apartment and enjoyed some cuddles while we all visited.

I sat and listened to their stories about their adventures together and marveled at the life they’ve led, while they went through photos that highlighted their history together. Many years ago, Ward surprised Pat one day with what could only be described as a dilapidated barn. They worked to renovate it and turn it into a gorgeous country home that was so far removed from its origins I didn’t initially realise it was the same structure. Ward’s passion for sailing led to adventures on the seas with Ananda, the boat that he bought in the Bahamas and sailed home. They share a love of dogs and I’ve since heard stories about how their beloved German shepherd was well-trained to protect Pat and the family home (and, perhaps most dramatically, their daughters) while Ward worked on the road in his sales position.

There’s so much to love about these two. Ward is playful and sticks his tongue out whenever he feels like it. Pat looks at him with a kind of adoration that you don’t often see. There’s laughter in Pat’s eyes. Pat and Ward have lived together. They’ve sought adventure – or maybe adventure found them – together. They’ve raised a family, they’ve had their struggles and yet here they are, still. Together.

While much of my time is dedicated to documenting and celebrating new marriages and new families, there’s something so important about taking the time to properly celebrate couples who are anything but new to each other. These are people who have spent their lives getting to know each other year after year; accepting the changes and moving past the faults. Waking up each day, remembering to choose the other person time and again. That, to me, is worth every single ounce of the same energy I spend celebrating newly married couples.

I’ve wanted to document grandparents for years. Not doing this for my own grandparents is truly one of my biggest regrets, even though I know I couldn’t have done it justice then in the way I would’ve wanted to. Spending this time with Pat and Ward meant more than they realised and I’m so thankful.

Here’s a little peak into their anniversary…

anniversary card sitting on hutch table laid with anniversary cards and fancy place settings for lobster dinner wife adjust pillows behind husband's back during documentary anniversary session wife looks at husband while petting dog during documentary anniversary session husband and wife hold stack of old photographs during documentary anniversary session husband leans across wife and sticks out tongue while reaching for photos during documentary anniversary session husband and wife go through old family photos grandpa holds grandson while sitting in wingback chair woman sits on couch and laughs woman reflected in old family photos on wall commissioner's plaque for boat grandson plays with grandpa's shoe grandfather hugs grandson grandmother and granddaughter laugh together woman kisses husband's cheek while sitting on the couch woman laughs and leans against husband on couch woman holds husband's hand woman holds tray with lobsters grandmother takes cake out of fridge baby hand touches necklace woman looks to side while holding son and grandmother adjusts necklace grandmother blows kisses to granddaughter and great grandson grandmother laughs in doorway with hand to chest

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