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Nathan and Chantal were so much fun to work with during their maternity session that I was so excited about going to their home for their newborn session once their daughter was born.

As more and more families begin to understand this new genre and start to take advantage of it, I’m being presented with different opportunities. In this case, opportunity came in the form of Bentley, their Bernese mountain dog. Bentley is this big, burly, creature who is so curious and so caring. You can tell that this new baby girl isn’t just Nathan and Chantal’s; Bentley is definitely claiming a stake in the ownership, too.  One of the funniest things about this session was seeing just how often Bentley decided that he needed to be included. It’s definitely the best photobombing effort I’ve ever seen from a dog.

Chantal and Nathan have clearly fallen head-over-heels for their daughter, so documenting the connections that are already forming between each of them with their baby girl was such a privilege. When people like Nathan and Chantal are willing to share their home with me during those first few days of their new baby’s life, it’s something that I take very seriously – even if we do then share laughs through much of the session. Being in a family home for this type of session means that, when Chantal looks at her baby and marvels at how she and Nathan could possibly have created something so gorgeous, or when Nathan looks at Chantal and tells me how awesome she did during the labour, I’m not seeing those looks happen in bad lighting from across the studio. They’re right there in full colour in front of me and I’m going to make sure that they see the warmth and joy that this little girl has brought to their lives (and to Bentley’s ;) ).

Nathan and Chantal, thank you for sharing those two hours with me. All four of you were awesome to work with.

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