mother and daughter hug tightly during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism sessionThe Tardiff Family – Eastern Ontario Family Photojournalism

Ooooooh, this was a fun one!

Adam contacted me and asked if I’d be available for a lunchtime family photojournalism session at his mom’s house. The trick: it was a surprise. So, I had to carry on chats with his sister, who is one of my closest friends and biggest supporters of my documentary work, and act like everything was normal, all while knowing that she’d be SO EXCITED about what was going to happen that weekend.

I arrived first and got to watch the surprised look on Adam’s mother’s face when she realised that his “friend” who would be joining him for lunch was actually me. The smiles that appeared on faces as each family member came in the door and realised what I was doing were priceless! Surprise gifts for the win, Adam.

They came, they laughed (A LOT), they hugged (A LOT), they ate, and I went home. It was perfectly simple and yet so refreshing and honest. It was a chance for me to show these guys being a family. I see how similar (and wild) Adam and Allison are with their expressions and hand gestures. I can hear Andrea laughing when I look at photos of her on the phone with Ethan (who was in the other room, pretending to be a delivery man). Makayla’s teenage, scorn-filled expression while she watches other family members fills me with mirth over the ridiculousness of that age. Above all else, I hope that this gallery gives this family was a sense of what it feels like when they’re all together.

I get to see this gang all together about once a year and our time is always full of fun. This is a family who loves loudly and lives loudly. They are emotive, expressive, witty individuals who genuinely enjoy one another’s company. They aren’t afraid to touch one another and get in each other’s spaces. And, as a result, I got to genuinely enjoy photographing them doing all of that and the results still make me smile like my heart is on fire.

Want to see how much fun your own average weekend family lunch can be? Let me show you.

Here are some highlights from my time with the Tardiff/St Louis/Bergeron/Arbic gang:

uncle hugs niece in greeting woman enters room with wild gestures of surprise during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session brother and sister hug tightly during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session boy put three party hats on head during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session brother and sister talk animatedly while using same hand gestures girl rests head on table while wearing three party hats like a stegosaurus mother pulls party hat away from daughter's mouth to check contents during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session mother pretends to strangle daughter grandma laughs enthusiastically while on phone with grandson who is in other room grandma helps granddaughter ice birthday cake during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session women laughing together around kitchen table during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session man wearing party hat over one eye with sarcastic grimace girl hiding head in blue cooler grandma lighting birthday candles on birthday cake during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session family members gathered around table each pointing differently mother carries cake lit with candles while grinning widely during Eastern Ontario family photojournalism session daughter blowing out cake while mother and daughter look on grandma slices cake while granddaughter raises hand to show she wants some hands slicing cake while child holds plate man laughing in background with family women looking closely at other woman's face in kitchen teenage girl looking through bangs with hair hanging in face mother with two daughters sitting on bed


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