parents walk through the snow with two adopted daughters The Swifts – Cornwall Family Photos

I’ve made a lot of Cornwall family photos over the past 5 years or so. However, each time I get to work with an extended family on a documentary session, I walk away with a renewed sense of purpose. These photos are going to form part of the youngest generation’s inheritance. They might go on Mom and Dad’s walls now, but some years down the road the contents of those frames will get updated and these photographs will get stored safely away somewhere, only to be rediscovered in 20 years – if not more.

My afternoon with the extended Swift family was utter perfection. Each family joined me for just a couple of minutes to snag some casual family portraits, and then got back to spending time with one another. They were relaxed, they were happy to be all together under one roof, and they just got on with their afternoon. Some family members drifted in and out, on their way to or from work. Some gathered around the dining room table for a card game that I’ve never seen before but am dying to learn. Others spent time baking gingerbread jam cookies (that I happen to know tasted SO yummy!) with Grandma.

This session was extra-important for two reasons. Grandma’s memory was clear as a bell that day; the liveliness in her eyes was so wonderful to witness. I spent several minutes just watching her take in the scenes in front of her, and it left me smiling for days after. I loved that several of the grandkids managed to snag a moment alone with her. I also knew that the images I created were going to contribute towards one of the families re-starting the process of building a visual family history after catastrophic loss in a house fire last year. Add to that the fact that one family lives out in Timmins and the cousins rarely get to see each other AND they’re starting to trickle off to university… Needless to say, the significance of my time with these lovely human beings wasn’t lost on me.

The whole basis for these family photos was so blessedly simple: cookies and cards. That’s it! It doesn’t take much to get family to gather, and yet they managed to come together over two things that are especially meaningful to them: a family recipe and a game that has become tradition because you have to earn your seat at the table.

Charlotte, I’m SO thankful that you found me. I look forward to the next time my path crosses with any member of your gang. Here are some of my favourite photos from my time with the Swifts:


parents hold hands with two children while they skip in the snow family with large and small dog stand in front of wood shed man stands in front of raw wood wall with two sons all in black jackets son and grandsons walk with grandparents in the snow granddaughter on recliner couch with grandparents grandson hugs grandmother cousins talk near windows while one holds mug large family gathers around kitchen table to play cards girls laughing at kitchen table during card game in Cornwall family photos sister whispers in sister's ear during card game family sitting at kitchen table with red playing cards sisters laugh together at kitchen table while playing cards small dog wearing plaid tutu leaps in air in front of legs of three adults three generations bake cookies together in Cornwall family photos grandmother and granddaughter's hands while baking cookies sticky jam fingers make okay sign while baking cookies cousins bake jam cookies together mother hugs son while sister touches her arm and daughter bakes with grandmother girl eats cookie at kitchen counter while aunts bake and dogs watch Grandson bends over grandmother's chair to kiss her on the cheek

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