Nat and Adrian came to me after talking to Tara and Mod about my services, so it was an extra-special pleasure to work with these guys. I met Nat and Adrian at their home in Les Cedres for their maternity session, after racing the clouds all the way there. I was excited (and relieved!) to see that I’d beaten the bad weather and was greeted with blue skies, so we headed down to the waterfront and made use of the most beautiful wispy clouds I’ve ever seen during a shoot, before doing a little tour of the area to make use of some gorgeous public spaces.

Like many clients who haven’t been in front of the camera since their wedding, Nat and Adrian seemed a little unsure of themselves for the first couple of minutes of their session, but they are so at ease with each other and SO easy to relate to that it didn’t take us long to start laughing our way through the shoot. These two were a blast to work with! There’s a certain gentleness in the way that Adrian interacts with Nat that I found really touching, and Nat’s natural beauty had definitely been kicked into high gear – I love the glow she’s sporting!

It was so much fun to work our way through a variety of settings, that it seemed a bit of a shame when it was time for me to head home. Not five minutes into my drive home, the rain that I’d outrun on my way to town finally caught up with me – I love it when Mother Nature is on my side during a shoot!

Here are some highlights from my time with Nat and Adrian:

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Later in the week, Shannon, Steph and I spent our evening down by the St Lawrence in Cornwall in a spot that I’ve never used before but ended up loving. It was great to be able to add a subtle touch of home to their photos, particularly since we were just down the road from their house.

Not only did we end up with great weather (once again, the rain held off, with the exception of a sunshower for two minutes!), but we had plenty to laugh about while we dodged goose poop and worked around being photobombed not only by a rabbit, but also by their adorable Bassett hound, Bewford.

Shannon made an awesome wardrobe choice with her dress, which worked to show off her beautiful skin tone and complemented the setting, and Steph was perfect in his supporting role both on-camera and off (turns out he makes a pretty talented fabric waver, as well as a carpenter!). It was great to be able to chat with these two as their session went on and see them really come to life!

Here are some favourites from their session:

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I’m so excited to meet the little ones that both of these couples welcome into the world in the next few weeks. :)