When I first sat down to write this blog, I didn’t know where to start – with Robby and Sam’s beautiful and light-humoured maternity session (can’t wait for Leo to wear those Superman pjs…)? with the fact that Leo slept like a log for HOURS? I was buzzing on such a big high after this shoot, that I’m pretty sure Rich (my husband) caught me grinning to myself randomly for a week afterwards.


Leo arrived with very little fanfare, got settled with very little effort, and stay settled. End of story. About two hours into the session, I’d already done so much with him that I was a little giddy. This meant we had lots of time to do photos of them together as a family and test out a few poses with Leo if he’d let me. He let me. :) I got the feeling that he could’ve slept through a hurricane that day, and probably would’ve been as equally comfortable in a cactus-lined cardboard box as he was in my soft, heavily-blanketed bowls and suitcases (obviously I wasn’t about to test that theory out!). Robby and Sam were so obviously smitten with their new son; I caught them sighing or gazing at him with stars in their eyes countless times during the session. Just one of the many rewarding parts of my job – the studio was practically oooooooozing newborn-baby love throughout the month of August with all of these little ones coming in!


It was a complete treat to work with this little guy – I couldn’t have asked for a better session to mark the end of my August baby boom. Here are a whole bunch of my favourites.


Leo31813 152

Happy MamaSould AsleepProud PapaStill Sleeping