Dream BigI had the absolute pleasure of photographing week-old twins in mid-August, after Suzanne and Brent got to meet their very healthy babies a little early. Suzanne was such a great subject to work with during her maternity session that I had high hopes for these two little ones. Working with twins comes with all kinds of warnings and advice; these two, however, needed none of that. They were irresistibly cute and slept peacefully while they snuggled together, giving me no shortage of completely unscripted “Oh my goodness!” moments. What incredible little models! It turns out, though, that each can let out some pretty impressive squeaks, though, when feeding time is near! :)


Here are a few favourites (okay, more than just “a few” – but hey, there were two babies!) from my time with Suzanne, Brent, and their gorgeous new babies.

Harrigan - Babes in Arms Harrigan - Unscripted Harrigan - Sounds asleep Harrigan - New FamilyHarrigan22813 038