Scott & Lauren on Beau Rivage – 1000 Islands Waterfront Wedding

I still get butterflies thinking about this wedding: the laughter, the family presence, the insane logistics.

Scott and Lauren’s plans involved a waterfront ceremony on Beau Rivage Island, in the middle of Gananoque’s cluster of the 1000 Islands. As you may recall from their engagement session, the river is integral to their life, so their chosen location made perfect sense.

Their choice, however, wasn’t without complications. In order to stage a wedding on an island, you need to get everything and everyone to the island. What happened that frosty Thanksgiving weekend Saturday was a remarkable collaboration between friends and family to make the wishes of these two wonderful people come to life. Shuttle boats moved changing tents, benches, a gorgeous (and kinda gigantic) arbour, kegs, food, and all sorts of other wedding paraphernalia over to the island the day before, while several friends volunteered to shuttle guests to the island on the big day. For the record, houseboats, wind, and shallow water make for an exceptionally exciting combination. ;) When I reached the ceremony site, I couldn’t help but marvel at what these two had managed to pull together with their team of supporters. It was simple but elegant, and truly reflective of their passion for the outdoors.

Anyone who reads these posts regularly will already be aware of how incredibly important marriage and family are to me. So the fact that family played such a huge role in this wedding made it extra special to me. There was family leading the ceremony, family playing the instruments and family singing the songs during the ceremony, family creating the soundtrack to the first dance, family helping Lauren create MASSES of cupcakes, and the bride’s father was beatboxing during the reception… See how this goes? To see how actively involved the Forresters were in so many facets of the day was so touching.

Scott spent the morning getting final details organised and then had time to get ready and drink whisky with his guys. Lauren, full of giggles as always, enjoyed lunch with the girls and then got into her gorgeous gown. There’s a sequence of images of her with her mother, and the process of getting the once-over and final approval from Mom makes me smile every.single.time. After that, there was nothing left to do but pop upstairs to take advantage of some beautiful hallway light and sit down to enjoy some fizz after a hysterically surprising bottle-opening.

The ceremony was held on a rocky outcrop on the edge of the island. Covered by trees and facing out to the river, it made for a stunning location. The arbour, built by the bride’s brother and used at his own wedding, was decorated so skillfully with vines that it looked like it had been there for years. It was Lauren’s great uncle who led the ceremony in the most touching and personal way. Clearly a passionate man, his enthusiasm for the ritual he was performing, combined with an unusually relaxed approach made for an exceptionally original ceremony, the likes of which I may never see again – but feel free to take this as a challenge!

It wasn’t until the end of the bride and groom’s portrait session, after we’d been bushwhacking and gotten some basic bouldering experience that I realised just how perfect we were matched when these two decided to bring me onboard for their big day. At no stage was there ever a thought of, “Oh, hey, maybe we should play this safe and not do this because it might be awkward to get to.” These two were with me 100% of the way as we explored the nooks and crannies of the island. As avid kayakers (and owner of 1000 Islands Kayaking), it seemed like our timing couldn’t have been much better when our photo location also played host to an arriving group over overnight kayakers. :)

These two are so earnest in their appreciation for one another and their joy is contagious. Watching them celebrate with their closest friends and family through speeches planned and ad-libbed (thank you, Kyle) showed me two people who are cared for with great sincerity, who value those they love and who are keen to express their gratitude. The look on Scott’s mother’s face as she beamed at her son was one of the highlights of my day. Proud parents are a truly wonderful thing.

Scott and Lauren, your infectious smiles and laughter, your adventurousness, and your dedication to being wrapped up in the moment made your day one of the most memorable weddings of my career. Thank you for your spirit, your trust, and your friendship. Oh, and Lauren – thanks for having a dad willing to borrow a bike for a late-night ride that meant I drove home laughing that night. ;)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some awesome wedding vendors this year, but a couple of people need special mention here. Magnolia Flowers created a breathtaking vintage-look bouquet for Lauren and the Gananoque Inn staff were just awesome.

Here’s a whopper of a wedding story.

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