Man in plaid shirt with arm around fiancee in tall grass

Sam & Nick – Rural Ontario Engagement Session

Oh boy. I had to have help choosing the photos for this post. There were SO.MANY.PHOTOS. Each one highlighted their connection the way I’d hoped. At one stage, I started offering some posing guidance and heard myself say, “You know what? I’m just going to shut up now. You keep doing what you’re doing.” These two have a connection that is electric. Saying “it made my job easy” is such a huge understatement – it doesn’t come close to doing Nick and Sam any justice.

I met up with these two in Maxville and we explored a few spots within a two-block radius. We joked our way through the awkwardness that comes at the beginning of every engagement session (so don’t worry if you ever find yourself feeling awkward at the start of a session – these guys did, too!) and then it was immediately obvious that we were going to have a great session because these two were on fire. If I can get a keeper shot (first image below) within the first 5 minutes of a session, then I know we’re onto a good thing! After exploring Maxville, we headed down the road and made use of Sam’s family’s property, which turned out to be perfect for them. And the sun was setting. You just can’t ask for better.

Nick and Sam’s wedding day is coming up in a few short weeks and I’m SO stoked because I can’t wait to see how a connection like this explodes on such a big day.

Here’s a little sample from their session:

Beautiful couple in front of large trees in Rural Cornwall engagement session Woman with arm around man's shoulder in sunlit rural Cornwall engagement session Woman in white dress and fiance in sunset forest engagement shoot Modern Rural Cornwall engagement shoot with forest background Man holding fiancee in front of tree stand in Rural Cornwall engagement session Romantic rural Cornwall sunset engagement session Romantic rural Ontario engagement shoot in summer field Man in plaid shirt and woman in white dress rural Cornwall engagement shoot Rural Ontario engagement session in tall grass with barn Beautiful couple kissing in Rural Cornwall engagement session Rugged man holding fiancee's hair back from face Rural Ontario sunset engagement session Man in plaid shirt gently holding fiancee's face Golden hour rural Cornwall engagement shootRural Cornwall sunset silhouette engagement session

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