Baby Makes Four – Ottawa Family Photographer

This session progressed so quietly that I wasn’t too sure of what I’d captured until I got home. When I uploaded everything onto my computer, I broke into a smile. What I saw was two parents who come across as quiet souls, and who absolutely adore their children. I saw a former only child getting used to being a big sister. I saw a little girl with a big personality, figuring out how this new little human was going to fit into her master plans. I saw tenderness from big sister. I saw the gentle touch of a dad familiarising himself with his son’s features. I saw the humour in Mom, fresh out of the hospital, sitting on the floor while reading a story to her daughter. I saw milk-drunk baby gas grins. Hey, you really can’t help smiling at those, right?

One of the details that I really enjoyed about this session were the family pets. As is almost always the case during at-home sessions, this family’s pets wanted in on the action. Brittany and William’s pets worked their way into the photos because of their human-like behaviours. Their dog chose the perfect patch of sunlight to sit in while watching over the baby. One of their cats came up to William to watch over their newest family member. If one thing is true, their little boy is going to be extremely well-observed. :)

You’ll see that they’ve opted for a Finnish-style sleep box, which excited me as soon as I saw it because it’s not something we see much of around here. I loved how the box had a role of its own to play in their baby story. It makes the baby accessible to his big sister (for better or worse), but also gave her something extra to interact with while I was there.

This session is a true testament to the notion that any family can do an at-home session. There really was nothing fancy about this, and that’s what made it perfect. They read a couple of stories; Mom breastfed; daughter ran around, sister played with brother, while Mom and Dad hoped she didn’t crush him. It’s not the “what” that makes these sessions so interesting. It’s allllllllll of the details that make up the “how” that bring the beauty and the meaning.

Here are some of my personal favourites from this peaceful afternoon:

father holding newborn son while cat watches daughter jumping on bed while father holds newborn son family reading book in rocking chairs during session with Ottawa family photographer mother and daughter reading book dog in sunlight looking at baby sister peeking through handle hole of brother's baby boxsister reaching into box to touch brother sister reaching out to touch baby brother daughter looking on as father picks up newbornfather reaching out to touch son's head while mother holds him father and daughter looking out window daughter running past breastfeeding mother and dog mother breastfeeding in window light smiling baby resting on mom's shoulder newborn stretching and yawning daughter touching father's leg while he holds son father holding newborn son in lap during session with Ottawa Family Photographer


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