father with flatcap walks with son on shoulders framed in river during documentary session with ontario family photographerWhy Family Photos Matter – Ontario Family Photographer

“Ew. I wish Mom had waited to get these family photos done AFTER she lost that weight.”

— No child. Ever.

I get it. I struggle with my self-image. I see flaws in my own form. I understand that you don’t always want to be photographed. But set a date, suck up your reservations, and do it anyway. And then print them. Exist in photos. I love handing clients a package of prints wrapped in a bow because I know that my little bundle is now part of their lives. Those prints will make their way onto that family’s walls or into their photo albums so that their children can look at them and ask questions about the photos when they’re older. Create your legacy. Be the owner of a printed history that your children will inherit. By doing your photo session or by printing your own photos now, you’re taking responsibility for creating a tangible history for your children and they will thank you for that. 


grandmother hugs granddaughter during session with ontario family photographer girls covers dad's face while riding on his shoulders


When I meet with prospective clients, it’s so easy for me to talk about why my wedding clients all receive albums. The irreplaceable value of printed images are my whole “why” behind my business as an Ontario family photographer and my passion for making family photos. I want to make sure that the people who are brave enough to step in front of my lens also receive prints that will last. I want them to have photographs that their grandchildren might find tucked away in a box somewhere one day. I want those images to be responsible for bringing delight to someone, decades down the road.


dad throws leaves on son's head while holding him during session with ontario family phtographer father with guitar helps son play drums in sunshine


It’s already been noted: there are fears that information about the current generation – the most photographed in history – will be lost in time in an information black hole not that dissimilar to the Dark Ages. Almost exactly two years ago, Google’s vice president issued a warning that it was time to start preserving digital data before it’s lost. Both of these revelations tell us something so crucial: we aren’t printing. Yes, alright, there’s been a massive paper-saving effort amongst households and corporations alike, but I’m not talking about preserving your bank statements or your cable bill. I’m talking about preserving your family history.


mother holds daughter and helps her throw ball for dog who leaps off deck family with two daughters walks together in snow away from wood shed


There will, undoubtedly, be bad hair days, muffin-top jean days, comical sweater choices, and even worse eyebrow-plucking decisions. There will be extra weight, a stain on your shirt, a day when the acne just couldn’t wait to break out on your face. But your kids will see you, not whatever perceived flaws you might have sensitivities about that day

Create your family history. Today.


three boys climb on parents who are sitting in grass during session with Ontario family photographer mother dances with daughter with hair flying during documentary session with ontario family photographer mother holds child in window light while looking down at daughter girl runs past breastfeeding mom while dog watches mother hugs son while sister touches shoulder


Want some extra motivation (or just a chuckle)? Check out this entertaining-but-poignant ad from Chatbooks. It’s worth 2:25 of your time. Don’t want to use Chatbooks? Try this site for a whole list of other options. Or this one! The point? Get your photos on paper! In some cases, it’s FREE. How much easier can they make it for you to start printing your children’s history?


I’m Ang – an Ontario family photographer with a passion for capturing light and photographing natural moments in life as they happen anywhere in the world. My goal is to capture memories that you will cherish once your children are too grown up to curl into your lap for cuddles and the house seems oddly quiet at night. I love meeting new families in their natural environment and getting in amongst the bedlam so that I can document the perfectly imperfect realities of daily life. Please explore more of Moment.us Photography’s site to see more examples of candid Cornwall family photography.