Mom and Dad look in on sleeping kids

I’ve been so thrilled to see just how much interest there’s been in my documentary family sessions as this year has progressed. When Suzanne contacted me to ask about visiting her place for a back-to-school documentary session, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Given that Rich and I don’t have kids, it’s weird how meaningful that first day of school is for me. I just love it. I love the idea of big kids getting a fresh start at a new year, of little kids getting to feel not-so-little as they step on that bus for the first time, of parents feeling like their littles are just sooooooo little as their legs can’t quite stretch far enough to make that first step onto the bus. There are new routines that are formed on that first morning. There are new experiences awaiting each child. There are parents rejoicing that they don’t have to figure out ways to entertain their children or play referee to break up squabbles. ;)

Nora and Hudson’s morning before their first day was perfection.

Mom and Dad couldn’t help poking their heads in to watch the kids while they slept a little later than expected. If ever I need reminding of just how little kids are when they start school, this visual did it for me: they’re still small enough to fit sideways in their beds while they sleep. Curled up against her ENORMOUS teddy bear, Nora yawned, stretched and gave me the best early-morning stink eye I’ve ever seen. When Hudson finally woke up, his eyes were barely open before he was marching across the room with a smile on his face. Now that is a great way to start the day! Suzanne and Brent talked to the kids about the day ahead and expressed genuine excitement for all of the things that the kids were going to get to do. Breakfast eaten – or not so much, in Nora’s case – teeth brushed, hair fixed, clothes changed, a few French words reviewed, and then it was time to get school bags and shoes ready.

Hudson loved his fun new shoes; Nora hated the fact that her bag was so heavy it almost knocked her over.

Great Grandma and Grandpa came to visit, dishing out face-squishing kisses and advice. When the time came, Suzanne and Brent let the kids lead the way down the driveway so that they could watch the bus come up the hill. They just had time to dish out some quick kisses and lend a helping hand up those giant steps before the kids were whisked away and Suzanne had a moment to wipe the tears hidden behind her sunglasses. Next thing we knew, Nora and Hudson weren’t just little kids any more – they were kindergarteners.

I would love to continue to offer these sessions and hope that parents think about getting in touch for next year. Given the nature of the session and the very limited number of starting dates for local schools, these sessions are extremely limited, so please – if you’re interested, don’t leave it until the last minute!

Want to see how their first day looked from my perspective? Check out this little video:

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