Couple cuddling in spotlight with wine glass bokeh during St Raphael's engagement sessionNick & Chantal – St Raphael’s Engagement Session

Ahhhh…. Spring sunshine, church ruins, a happy pup, and Williamstown backroads. What a great combination for this fun pair!

Nick and Chantal’s St Raphael’s late-May engagement session helped usher in Spring and signalled the shift from working in the studio to getting back outside. I had plenty of new ideas and was excited about shooting at the ruins. It’s a place that’s been photographed many times, but I wanted to shoot it differently to what these two might have seen. Our timing was perfect. Any later and the sun wouldn’t have been slanting through those wide open window casings in just the right way.

After rocking the ruins, we headed off for a couple of other spots in the area. We took advantage of the dying light and the chance to chat and get to know each other a bit more. It had been months since we’d first met at the studio and I wanted to hear how everything was going with them.

Getting the location right is one thing; getting the right couple is a completely different task. I’m so thrilled that Nick and Chantal chose me! They have a connection that makes them a joy to photograph. Nick is gentle with Chantal, but doesn’t hesitate to tease her or laugh with her. Chantal has a certain look in her eye; a relaxed curve in her spine when she gets close to Nick. Needless to say, “posing” these two didn’t prove to be difficult.

Nick and Chantal, thanks for making this adventure so much fun! Your willingness to let me experiment and your trust in what I was doing was AWESOME. I can’t ask for a greater gift than trust. I’m so excited about creating something unique for you in September!

Couple in spotlight at bottom of main church wall during St Raphael's engagement session Bokeh and cuddling couple during St Raphael's engagement session Awesome spotlight on couple during St Raphael's engagement session man leans in close to fiancee during St Raphael's engagement session Silhouette with dog at the ruins during St Raphael's engagement session Woman cuddles up to fiance during St Raphael's engagement session Woman rests head on fiance's shoulder during St Raphael's engagement session Dog rests on Peanut Line Bridge during St Raphael's engagement session Couple outlined by reflection in river during St Raphael's engagement session

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