Michelle & Chico – Elegant Rustic Maxville Fairground Wedding

Thinking of this wedding makes me chuckle. For the record, I could’ve also titled this one, “Why Shots of Gin Don’t Make Good Thank You Gestures.” If that gives you any idea of the late-night after-the-cameras-went-away hilarity that happened at this reception, then I don’t know what will.

Michelle and Chico are two of the most low-key, down-to-earth people I’ve worked with – which is saying something, given that this is the sort of clientele that I attract (and LOVE). They planned this wedding in under three months and there still wasn’t a detail missed. The decor was simple (in theory only; the detail that went into making it happen must’ve been unreal!), rustic, and completely breathtaking. I’ve never seen  head table backdrop like theirs – the use of doors was genius! Chico’s skills as a carpenter clearly came in handy with all of the woodwork that they put together. Michelle’s elaborate layered tulle gown was exceptional and Chico managed to make it look like he was born to wear a suit and tie.

But none of that was what made this wedding truly special. After I started going through their images, I sent a message to thank them for being so emotionally present during the ceremony. Often, ceremonies become an overly-formal and intimidating part of the day. Couples who are usually relaxed and carefree get tense and forget that this is a key element of the event – without this little bit of ritual, none of the celebrations that follow would technically have a purpose. So ENJOY IT! Laugh. Smile. Think about the meaning and significance of the words you’re saying. Look around at the family and friends who’ve come together to support you. That’s exactly what these two did and I’m so thankful for their openness that day because the photos from this ceremony show more of their character as a result. Chico wasn’t intending to hear any objections to the marriage and blocked his ears to prove it. Michelle just barely made it through her vows, and it’s probably a good thing that her sister, Danielle, didn’t have to speak because I’m not sure she would’ve been able to get a word out through the tears. Watch for Jesse, who was so excited she was practically swallowing her flowers; awkwardness and laughter during the ring exchange; and a big high five from Colton at the end just to seal the deal on how perfect this ceremony was.

It was extremely obvious that family are very important to these two. The wedding party was full of siblings, cousins-who-are-practically-siblings, and a “he’s-basically-our-nephew” thrown in for good measure. The tables at dinner were filled with family from far and wide ready to shower the couple with hugs and good wishes. As a bonus, both the bride and the groom filled their wedding party with people who were not only incredibly supportive, but also practical in times of need. From retro-fitting a loose vest with safety pins to make it fit, to using a butter knife to fix a dress, these guys (and girls) had it covered.

We were blessed with good fortune that day: great sunlight, willing property owners who let us pop onto their land for portraits (HOORAY!), and a guest list full of personality. This last bit really became obvious once the dancing started. There was more energy and excitement on that dance floor than in the front row of The Price is Right. Suspenders were being snapped, two-stepping was happening, and Rod busted out his best disco moves with his mom.

This is how weddings should be. Be with the people you love. Be in the moment. Share in the laughter. Understand the importance of what’s happening. And go with it.

While there are many things I love about these two, it’s the way that they honour one another and express gratitude that really push them over the top and make them an exceptional pair. It’s my job to work with couples on their wedding day and I love that job, but it becomes a privilege when I get to work with couples who show such class. Michelle and Chico, this day was an adventure from start to finish and I’m so thrilled that you asked me to be a part of it. I will never EVER accept thank you gin again. :)

Maxville Fairground wedding reception hall decor table centrepiece Maxville Fairground wedding reception decor family sign ring bearer getting dressed and choking groom and groomsmen reviewing speech ring bearer and groomsman on front steps ring bearer getting dressed groom and brother putting on ties groomsmen doing up tiesgroomsman pinning groom's vest groomsmen looking at camera groomsmen playing groom looking at camera bride adjusting dress in forest dress hanging in forest bride's shoes and earrings on hardwood floor bride putting arms through dress bride getting dressed bridemaids doing up dress bridesmaids fixing dress with butter knife bride walking into sun with girls bride with girls bride fiddling with veil bride and father walking down aisle for Maxville Fairground wedding groom and groomsmen looking at bride during Maxville Fairground wedding groom looking at bride groom plugging his ears during Maxville Fairground wedding bride laughing during Maxville Fairground wedding ceremony bride's sister crying bride laughing during ring exchange bridesmaid hiding in flowers groom getting high five from ring bearer wedding party walking wedding party in field bride and groom under willow tree in sunshine bride and groom under willow tree groom kissing bride's shoulder bride and groom in shadows groom holding bride's dress groomsman kissing son bride and groom laughing bride laughing bridesmaid laughing bridesmaid crying elderly woman fixing dress bride and groom dancing groomsman dancing with bride bride snapping suspenders women dancing with hands in air men dancing groom dancing with brother man dancing with motherrings in front of candles and baby's breath bridal portrait - bride looking at camera amongst trees



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