mom holds laughing daughter

Oh, Nora Jean….

Cornwall family photographs come in many forms. Sometimes they’re playful, sometimes they’re full of tender moments with parents, and sometimes they feature a little lady who is determined to learn how to crawl up the stairs in as many different ways as she can. Nora’s working on mastering stairs, but in the meantime she’s working on giving her parents a heart attack while she does everything EXCEPT go straight up or straight down the “normal” way. :)

I spent an evening at home with Simon, Erin and Nora, laughing at the things that Nora managed to get up to. She attempted to crawl down the stairs head first, played peek with Mom during supper, had a riot with Dad on the floor, did laps through the curtains, and had a ball in the bath. baby stands at window and looks outside dad puts toy on daughter's head while playing on kitchen floor

Nora has an exceptionally inquisitive personality. I got the impression that she’s constantly on high alert and trying to take in as much info as her growing little brain can handle. She wants to see it all, touch it all and be involved in it all, which means she’s a busy little girl. It’s no wonder, then, that drawers, shelves, boxes and anything else that might even partially conceal something from sight all captured her attention. I got a pretty good laugh watching her empty the family shoe rack! One of the funniest traits I noticed about her is that Nora has an adorable habit of scrunching up her nose when she’s being playful – something that features quite heavily in her life. ;)baby stands in tub and looks up at tap

One of the things I love about Toothbrush Sessions like this one is that it usually ends with bath time and bedtime routines, which is the perfect way to show those tender little quiet moments between parents and their kids. Bath time is never quiet in any household, but when it came time for bed, Erin’s cuddles and a bottle had such a calming effect on Nora.

Simon and Erin, thanks for welcoming me into your home for this session! I have a hunch that Simon found this one a little easier than doing portraits. ;)

To see more from this sweet little session, check out the video below:


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