It’s kind of fun putting this post together, knowing that these two girls are friends – and that one ended up with me as a result of the other’s experience!

Julie and Bryan joined me for an incredible little session that didn’t go at all according to plan – but went so much better because of it. I had staked out a couple of spots that I wanted to use, but while we were at our first location, the sun started to drop sooner than I’d anticipated, and our spot turned into this glowing field of gold. Combine this awesome bit of clear weather with Julie’s natural beauty and poise, and I knew we were onto a winner. Just to make matters even better, these two were so laid back and easy to work with, that it was almost impossible to actually call an end to the session – even when the sun had actually dropped below the horizon. :)

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Crystal and Joel joined me for a session on a quiet little road and we had so many laughs that, by the end of it, I was actually sad to see them go. It appears that Joel and I share a similarly wry sense of humour (even if mine is accidental), which makes “work” pretty darn easy – not to mention the fact that Crystal could be the spokesmodel for how to look fantastic while pregnant. I can only imagine what was going through her head, though, as Joel and I squinted and stared at her while we worked to get the sun reflected onto her face. :) These two were open-minded, relaxed, and playful, and I think that the results show it. What a great session!

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