family sharing coffee and time on deck of log cabin during Ontario Casual Family Portraits

The MacDonalds – Ontario Casual Family Portraits

So, there’s a funny story about this blog post. I published it a couple weeks ago, apparently without text. Whaaaaaat?! Anyone who reads my posts regularly will know that I place great value on the words that accompany the photos. Apparently the text I put with it didn’t save. Now I’m trying again – re-releasing, if you will – because this one was a special one.

When Kristin first asked if I would be interested in doing a documentary shoot to mark her parents’ 30th anniversary, I answered with an immediate and unequivocal “yes.” I first met her family when she and Steve got married a year and a half ago, and have adored Gary and Margaret ever since, so I was happy to do whatever I could to help them celebrate this landmark anniversary. Kristin and I chatted about the project because she was unsure of what to do with a group of six adults and no children. We settled on coffee and hot chocolate on the back deck of her parents’ beautiful log home. Drinks are a great way of encouraging a group to gather together, and with gathering comes sharing stories – and that’s where the magic happens.

I listened and laughed heartily as her family shared tales of childhood, pets, wedding antics, and all sorts in between. As I worked, I couldn’t help but notice how much this gang really enjoys one another’s company. The teasing, the easy laughter…. It’s so reminiscent of my own family and so easy to feel at home amongst it.

After coffee and a few casual family portraits at the house, we decided we’d head to Quinn’s Inn in time to do a few portraits in St Andrews. Gary broke out his pristine muscle car (a Datsun, maybe? I’m afraid I’m not a car enthusiast, but it was shiny! :P) and the two of them set off down the road like a couple of teenagers. During their portraits, Margaret told me of the first time she saw Gary, which was in front of the church in St Andrews. The memory of that day was so clear that I could see the sparkle in her eye and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to add a little nostalgia to their portraits. As we worked, it was such a comfort to see the ease with which they held one another. When a couple has been around one another long enough, they just fit. There’s an effortlessness to the way they touch. These two had that in spades – even if they claimed to not be much of the cuddly sort any more. Gary stood a little taller, Margaret laughed a little more; they each looked a little more proud to be standing next to each other. I swear I could see their younger selves.

Laughter filled this session. Laughter at each other, at themselves – I can see how that is likely the norm for this family when they get together.

Gary, Margaret, Kristin, Steve, Shawn, and Ally, thanks for letting me be there. Here’s a selection of my favourites from your session:

young woman in cozy cable knit sweater serving coffee and baileys with mugs on serving tray dad pouring coffee and baileys for family on log cabin patio bracelet wearing young woman holding coffee at outdoor patio table young couple playing with dog and joining family on patio in casual family session young woman pouring coffee while husband looks on smiling black and white shot of dad in waffle night shirt laughing and enjoying family profile shot of dad enjoying coffee and family during casual ontario family session mom and dad laughing over coffee on outdoor patio of log cabin mom watching dad pour drinks in casual ontario family session young couple laughing at jokes with family in casual ontario family session young smiling couple laughing with family during casual rural ontario shoot family sharing laughs and coffee at outdoor patio table of log cabin during Ontario Casual Family Portraits woman getting into passenger side of classic car in front of country garage mature couple with rustic building background and classic car gritty tin wall background and couple with classic car in casual ontario portrait woman in bright red blouse and man in blue sweater against rusting tin shed Couple beside old log cabin with church in background during Ontario Casual Family Portraits Couple leaning on aged stone wall in front of church young couple cuddling on lush green path in rural ontario family session young smiling couple in front of dark green leafy background casual family portraits in rural ontario family shoot


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