January was filled with blessings – new weddings, new studio clients, and lots of new opportunities. Two of those new opportunities came in the form of little boys with ten little fingers and ten little toes. Their sessions had several other similarities, namely parents who so obviously adore each new son and little boys who weren’t quite ready to sleep right away. :)

Up first is Henry. This shoot was such a treat in large part because, despite having booked the session about seven months previously, real life complications had gotten in the away and meant that Libby and I had both come to realize a few days before that the shoot wasn’t going to happen. Then, because of a very VERY convenient twist of fate that involved an error in flight bookings, a late departure and a (very luckily) available replacement trampoline coach, I found myself on a plane to London a day sooner than expected. Suddenly, that session with Henry was a possibility. There was one key complication: because I left early and unexpectedly, I had all my camera gear, but I had no props. I was very fortunate, though, to be staying with some great friends who let me raid their house for anything and everything that might work, so managed to put together a prop box in the space of 15 minutes.

Libby and Henry arrived, we got ready to go and….. we had a rough start. It happens. Henry was ravenous, he was unsettled, and he was not particularly ready to do anything but stare at things and feed. Then Libby’s midwife arrived and we got to watch Henry go through his heel-prick test. Somehow, after all kinds of excitement, Henry decided that life was good and it was time to sleep. Fortunately for us, when Henry sleeps, he really sleeps – he was out cold and happy for me to put him through his paces for a little while and it was bliss. I had a peaceful child in front of me and Libby sitting behind me, struggling to refrain from leaping with glee that it was all coming together.

Libby, congratulations again! He is such a darling boy; perfectly proportioned, beautiful hair and the cutest little face. Watch out, girls -this one’s going to steal some hearts.

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Next up is Elliott. Loes and Hans have created an absolutely gorgeous little human being! He arrived awake, needed some feeding (they always do!), and needed a chance to chill out a bit before he decided he was ready for his close up. But then…. oh. The smile! This was real proof that everything good comes to those who wait.

Loes and Hans also wanted to get some shots of them with Elliott, which is something I love to do. I can position new parents till the cows come home, but I find that if I just give them long enough to stand with their new child, the expressions that cross their faces are so touchingly honest that it makes my day, and Loes and Hans were no exception. These three make such a beautiful new family that it was a pleasure to stand back and watch them together.

Congratulations, Hans and Loes! I’m so looking forward to seeing Elliott throughout the coming year.

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