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Cornwall weddings - Couple standing on road with umbrella

Lisa and Brian’s wedding took place on a rather fantastic Saturday at the beginning of August. The whole group was exceptionally chill, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise because Lisa and Brian are both very relaxed people, and they really showed how awesome they were as a group not long after the ceremony.

As always, I paid the guys a visit to watch what is usually “The Great Tie Debacle.” Seriously. It’s amazing how many guys run into trouble with ties; it’s also amazing that I find it hilarious every. single. time. :) But not these guys – ties and vests were on (I love that they opted to do waistcoats but no jacket!), funky tie clips and bullet cuff links were in place, and we were ready to go in record time. Lisa managed to keep up the record-breaking pace in her suite, slipping into her gorgeously simple gown with just her mom to assist. All of this efficiency meant that these two got lots of photos of them with their respective halves of the wedding party, which was lots of fun.

Their ceremony, held in a gorgeous-but-very-rarely-used part of NavCentre‘s property, began with some personalised vows that allowed them to include their shared interests in birding and nature, which brought smiles to each guest’s face, and continued with a very sweet exchange led by Diane from the City Clerk’s office. A tiny touch of nerves led to Lisa forgetting her vows and making the cutest face I’ve seen during a ceremony (look for that photo!). :) Just after the group photo was taken, the wind picked up – I half expected Mary Poppins to come in for a landing as the wind whipped through the trees.

To add a bit of drama to an otherwise beautiful day, wedding party photos were done to the soundtrack of rolling thunder. Talk about mounting pressure – and not just atmospherical…! When I asked that the group be ready to roll so that we could also get Lisa and Brian’s photos done before the storm hit, I had no idea just how cooperative these guys were going to be. They were fantastic! To top it off, Melissa acted as our chauffeur and provided backup in the form of umbrellas and a getaway car in case it was needed. We ended up a full 30 minutes ahead of schedule by the time the rains hit, so when I asked if they felt like waiting it out, both Brian and Lisa decided that was a great idea and took the time to shelter under the gazebo (couldn’t have gotten better locations if we’d specifically tried, given the weather!) and just relax – or maybe I should say “relax more”. The rain only lasted about 3 minutes, so we spent a bit more time at the waterfront before popping up to the road to do something different. In a rather ironic moment, an elderly couple saw these guys in their wedding finery, standing next to a car on the side of the road, and pulled over to see if we needed help (we were fine, but it was thoughtful to ask), and then almost got involved in an accident themselves when they got back on the road to drive away.

Brian and Lisa re-joined their guests for a delicious meal and dancing – sometimes at the same time. :) It was clear that there were plenty of folks eager to celebrate with these two – the dance floor and the photo booth were popular spots to be!

Lisa and Brian, congratulations on your beautiful day! Here are your highlights:NAV Centre Cornwall weddings - bridesmaids holding sunflowersNAV Centre Cornwall weddings - bride walking down roadNAV Centre Cornwall weddings - wedding party in blue under pines NAV Centre Cornwall weddings - woman in blue dress dancingNAV Centre Cornwall weddings - first danceNAV Centre Cornwall weddings - photo booth with gold glitter backgroundNAV Centre Cornwall weddings - bride and groom walking down path


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