One Friday afternoon in mid-July, I received a phone call: “I don’t suppose you’re free this afternoon for a wedding, are you?” I was – but not any more. Lisa and Nicky have been together for quite awhile and had decided earlier that week that the time had come to tie the knot – that week. :) I love an impromptu wedding! I got to spend an hour with this gang, watching a new union formed while I reflected on my own wedding vows, taken exactly five years earlier. What an awesome way to celebrate a wedding anniversary! Maybe I should’ve tried to get Rich on the guest list so we could celebrate together. ;)

Lisa and Nicky have two kids who were VERY excited about the day’s event. A quiet conversation while I was getting the two of them into position was all it took for them to be beaming with pride over their “new” family. With four friends serving as witnesses, we all headed over to city hall, where I think the city clerk was more nervous than anyone else. It turns out that this was her first wedding. What a fun start to a new role! The ceremony was sweet and simple, but there was no mistaking the importance that it played to all four members of this family. Unity sand made a nice touch and got the kids involved, as did giving Hailey a bouquet to hold.

Congratulations, Lisa and Nicky! Here are some of my favourites from our whirlwind session together: