Dramatic photography of bride and groom on country bridge

Jess & Jon – A Williamstown Fairgrounds Wedding

It’s been a couple of years since I last shot a Williamstown Fairgrounds wedding, so I was thrilled when I met with Jess and Jon last year and they told me about their plans.

There are a few things you need to know about these two: they love laughing together. They have the most wonderful families. I feel like they could be my younger siblings. They ooze honesty and warmth. Kristin and I had a terrible time spending the whole day with them for their wedding. ;)

I love that this was truly a country wedding. Stone houses with gorgeous rustic interiors. An old country church with tiny aisles and a wraparound mezzanine loft. Lots of family and friends filling the barn to the gills. Plenty of great food and dancing.

Some fun background details about this day: Mel and John’s cat was determined to be in the photos and chose a spot right in front of the groomsmen during their portraits.  Kristin actually had to come and remove her! George and Carolyn’s black Lab was equally interested in being in front of the camera and hogged his own little share of the attention. (That seems to be the norm for household pets on any photo day.) Blair and Kelly had a ball cuddling with a baby and not-too-subtly letting Jess and Jon know that it’s their turn next. Achieving grandparent status was clearly a priority for four adults attending this wedding.  The kissing game led to face-licking, spanking, and several other previously-unseen gestures.

Jess and Jon’s excitement was blatantly and adorably obvious. I already knew that they had awesome chemistry in front of the camera, meaning I was stoked about their portraits. The guys, as is often the case, were all jokes. Blair’s wry humour let me know early on that we were in for an awesome day. We all teared up watching Jess head down the stairs to see George. She and her dad both did their level best not to cry when they saw each other, while the girls all lost their composure in the background. At the church, the ring bearer and flower girl faced a moment of panic and ran back to the door just as Jess and George came into the doorway. Jon let out a gasp, telling me all I needed to know about what he thought of Jess’s look that day. We left the church with the bells ringing out the news while we headed off to take advantage of some nooks and crannies to make some beautiful portraits. It’s definitely worth mentioning that this wedding party was so great to work with. We had clouds blowing through all day, which provided all sorts of lighting opportunities, but meant we had very specific (short) windows of time in which to work and they were always ready when needed. It’s a small little detail that means so much!

We’d been smiling and sharing tears with Jess and Jon all day; however, it wasn’t until we reached the reception that I truly got to appreciate these two. There’s a saying about only being as good as the people you surround yourself with. If that’s true, then these two are golden because their guests were a) FULL of smiles b) genuinely lovely and c) openly thrilled that these two got hitched. The guests at this reception were the happiest group of people I have ever seen.

Face It! gets credit for Jess’s gorgeous make up. Their florals are from Town and Country Flowers.

Planning a wedding is hard work; these two families made it look effortless. Meanwhile, Jess and Jon could give lessons on how to soak in the experience. I just adored the fact that they were game for anything. I could tell that this day was everything they’d wanted and they were so appreciative of everyone who worked to make it happen for them.

Jess and Jon, thank you for choosing me to be there to document your story. I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!

Here’s a little overview of Jess & Jon’s wonderful day:

Beautiful stone country house and greenery

Bride looking down at shoulder and full length shot of wedding dress

Mother of the bride zipping bride's dress while getting ready

Bride with mother and attendants in royal blue getting ready in country bedroom

Groom coming down stairs and small stone house

Groom and best man tying ties in country house library

Groom and wedding party getting ready in rustic log beam roomcat and dog get in Williamstown wedding photos


Groom in blue plaid tie with boutonniere

Bride in lace mermaid gown with bouquet in front of lush greenery

Bride holding bouquet and groom with arms around her waist in lush greenspace

Bride and groom embracing in greenery in Williamstown wedding

Father of the bride giving away daughter at the altar

Wedding guests in balcony at wedding ceremony

Williamstown Fairgrounds The Meeting Place rustic barn wedding venue

Fairgrounds barn reception venue and rustic decor

Bride and bridesmaid in blue chiffon dress at Williamstown fairgrounds wedding

Head table with wedding party in rustic barn wedding venue

Bride and groom laughing with wedding party at head table

Mother and father of the bride looking on during wedding ceremony

Williamstown Fairgrounds wedding reception guests

Bride licking groom's face at head table in Williamstown Fairgrounds wedding

Groom picking up bride at head table with wedding party cheering

Bride and groom first dance in rustic barn reception venue

Rustic twine lighting and first dance at fairgrounds venue

Garter toss with bride on white chiavari chair and groom with crooked tie

Garter toss scramble in barn reception venue

Reception party guests singing on dance floorBride and groom in sunset photo on Williamstown bridge


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