In early January, I had the pleasure of helping this little guy celebrate his first birthday.

Loik3113 037

I’ve always felt that Loik and I have a little bit of history together, despite the fact that we’ve really only met twice. Renée and Pat came to me for their maternity session, where we shared a connection through their story of their pregnancy experience and laughed our way through a lighthearted session. Loik was born about a week late, which would normally be fine – except that, by that time, I was in Australia on week one of a 17-week trip with my husband. This had all been discussed, though, so Loik and I FINALLY got to meet last summer when we did this super-fun session, part of which involved him sitting on my studio floor laughing hysterically (I’m not exaggerating – I was a little concerned that his face was turning so red that he wouldn’t be able to regain his breath) at, well, me from what I could tell.

By the time his first birthday rolled around, I was excited to see the whole family again and definitely keen to see how Loik had grown since the summer. He continues to be full of personality – inquisitiveness, smiles, and a pure sense of ‘fun’ are all part of what makes up this little boy. It’s very clear how much joy this little guy brings to his parents life, which means that being given the opportunity to document that is always a treat.

Enjoy this little sample from a very entertaining birthday session!


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