The Giroux Family – Candid Cornwall Family Photography

While driving through Martintown recently, I read the sign outside the church like I always do – they often post something witty. This time, though, the message caught me off guard. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” I got goosebumps. I also immediately thought of the documentary family sessions I’ve been doing. That sentence encapsulates exactly why I do them. It’s all about documenting the moments you share with each other; about showing you how you love others. Capturing those little gestures and exchanges so that they’ll exist after that day has passed. It’s not about looking at the camera and smiling.

The Giroux family is a special example. Even though this session was booked quickly, it was important. They didn’t have family photos of them all together and that mattered to them. Nicole contacted me and told me she wanted to do a session based around them having drinks together on the back deck at her parents’ place because that’s what they like to do together. So that’s exactly what they did. There were some lawn games, a few simple family portraits, and a lot of laughter.

It wasn’t complicated, it didn’t involve an elaborate plan, and her family wasn’t quite sure what to make of my presence for the first little while. Gradually, though, they forgot about me and got on with being with one another. Enjoying their children, cousins, siblings, parents, nephews.

This. Please do this. Love one another. Share moments with one another. Form memories together. Life is too short.


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I’m Ang – a photographer with a passion for capturing light and photographing natural moments in life as they happen anywhere in the world. My goal is to capture memories that you will cherish once your children are too grown up to curl into your lap for cuddles and the house seems oddly quiet at night. I love meeting new families in their natural environment and getting in amongst the bedlam so that I can document the perfectly imperfect realities of daily life. Please explore more of to see more examples of candid Cornwall family photography.