My next round of family sessions involved some repeat customers and some new faces – the Charbonneau clan was back, a couple of years after I last saw them and had recruited a few more members; the Neilys and Mattes were brand new; and the ever-lovely MacKinnons were back and Bella was, once again, more than ready to steal the show.

This group of clients were, as a sum total, so special and for a wide variety of reasons. The Charbonneaus include some of my own family members and the session was done at Stephane and Stephanie’s home, partly around an outdoor dinner table, which added such a touching element of casual family time to their session. The Neilys have a young daughter who was already on location when she woke up from her nap and was (understandably) completely bewildered, but warmed to my camera and me so well during the shoot that, by the end of it, she didn’t understand why I wasn’t going to MacDonald’s for supper with them. The Matte family joined me for a morning session during which their daughter continuously delighted and surprised me with her expressiveness. And finally, there were the MacKinnons – the subjects of some of my most favourite maternity and newborn photos I’ve done to date. I hadn’t seen these guys in almost a year, so was thrilled to join them in the grass (and hey – it’s much easier to work with than the river!).

Here are a number of my favourite shots from each of their sessions. Enjoy!

Charb 1Charb 2Mack 1Mack 2Matte 1Matte 2Neily 1Neily 2