Dear Everett

Your parents had me over for a Winchester at-home family session once before, but you were much younger then and my, how things have changed!

You’ve spent the last year turning yourself into a smiling, crying, crawling, exploring little person. You’re a patient little boy who is adored by a big sister (even if she isn’t sure that she wants to share things with you yet). You love to climb and I suspect that your baby gate isn’t going to hold you back for much longer because you’re determined to explore the world around you. Most of all, you looooooove to snuggle when you’re tired.

I was amazed to see how calm you are. Diaper changes, a sister “borrowing” your toys, waiting for your cupcake… You’re filled with attentiveness and interest, but you’ve got all the time in the world and you seem to be okay waiting for things to come when the moment is right. That’s a great character trait in a one year old, but it’s going to serve you even better when you’re older.

Happy birthday, little man! It was such a treat to be able to share the afternoon with you and see how you marked the occasion. You are so loved!

Here’s a little video about what I saw happening in your home on your birthday:

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