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In preparation for this weekend’s big wedding, Marion and Roch are making their blog debut!

The gauntlet was laid down with these two; I was dealing with slightly lopsided opinions about doing an engagement session, so I had a bit of work to do to get this session to look and feel right. Roch was clearly less excited about engagement photos than Marion, so there was a lot of banter to get him to come around to the idea that this wasn’t the worst way to spend an evening. Falling in the river probably didn’t help, but it certainly added to the playfulness of the session and definitely got everyone laughing! :) It was awesome to watch Roch gradually become more comfortable with what we were doing (or, at least, watching him do a good job of faking it); despite his discomfort with being in front of a camera, there was no ignoring the tenderness he displayed towards Marion, and that was one of the more rewarding elements of this session. Well, that, and seeing how beautiful the scenery became as we played with angles and the sun dropped into the trees along the riverbank. What a gorgeous way to end the session! I was fortunate enough to get permission to use a couple of pieces of private land in and around Williamstown, and they proved to be absolutely gorgeous. I love that country folks always know each other and are happy to give carte blanche when they know who you’re working for.

This wedding is going to be outstanding and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Marion and Roch, I’ll see you soon! I’m looking forward to celebrating with both of you. Here are a few of your highlights:

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