There are so many new things about that I’m excited about. One (well, two) of these new developments that I’m so thrilled about are brand new services. Both have been in the works for months, but it wasn’t until I was at Mystic Seminars and I had the chance to sit and listen to the genius that is Kirsten Lewis that it all started to fall into place in my head. Read on for more details about each of these two services and to check out the results from Isaac’s session (which was a cross between the two back when I was formulating the ideas).


Day in the Life

Every family changes from year to year – that’s a given – and many folks choose to do annual (or semi-annual) family portraits to document the growth of their family. While I enjoy these portraits and love doing them annually, there is often not much in the photos that says “this is who we are right now” because the emphasis is on getting everyone into position and looking at the camera. This is where my new service changes the game.

It’s time to tell your story; reveal who you are at this moment in time. Day in the Life sessions are exactly what they sound like: a photographic documentary of one day in your life. Photojournalistic in nature – there’s no posing, there’s no lush greenery as the set – these sessions are meant to be real and will be a true representation of your family. I start at your house in time for your kids to get out of bed (yup, I realise that may mean a 6am start and I’m okay with that!) and finish at the end of the day when they get back into bed. It’s a chance to create something more significant than a family portrait; it’s a chance to document all of the goings-on in your house on a regular day and to show your family really truly as a family. For those of you who have been a fan of my ‘lifestyle’ portrait sessions, this is the same idea but in a more extended and truer format because there’s no staging. This session is not necessarily intended to create work that will hang on your wall, although if you’re a fan of candid photos then I’m sure there will be some stand-out favourites that you’d love to hang.

Your Day in the Life can be done anywhere and I’ll follow you on whatever activities are going to take place that day. If you’re going to the cottage, I’ll meet you there and explore with you; if you’ve got hockey, then gymnastics, then ballet, I’m in for that, too. Or, if your day involves watching cartoons, doing the laundry, and caring for two kids under five, then those are priceless days to document as well. This session is a long one; it’s great for families with more than one child and for parents who are wanting images that show their relationship with their children.

Everyday things that happen in life that make Day in the Life sessions special:

-bedtime routines (brushing teeth, story time, tucking in)     -bath time     -setting the table and family dinners                  -getting kids out the door to school     -‘teachable moments’ when your kids push boundaries or learning something new     -watching TV squashed together on the couch

The session fee includes an album because there’s a story behind this session and it’s important to be able to showcase that story in sequence and in context. Day in the Life sessions start at $1100, including a 20-page 10×10 album.


This is Me

Children change so fast; their favourite food this week may be something they won’t touch next month, or their favourite toy right now may be abandoned to the abyss under the bed next week. This session is child-focused and intended to be a documentary way of highlighting what defines a child at this moment in time. It’s a way for them to say “Look at who I am right now. Let me show you.” Maybe you’re about to add a new member to the family and want to make your first-born feel extra special before the upheaval of bringing a newborn home; maybe you’re looking for an alternative to boring (and/or really bad) school portraits; maybe you’ve realised that life is too short and these kinds of memories are the stuff that matters.

Done over a period of 2-3 hours, this session allows a child to introduce me to all of the things that make them unique – their favourite colour, TV program, foods, activities, and anything else that really makes that little person special. This session is intended to focus on a single child, although other children may feature in ‘supporting’ roles. Like my Day in the Life sessions, this session is photojournalistic in nature, so there will be a story told, rather than a series of portraits of a child looking at the camera while wearing his favourite Spiderman costume and holding something green to indicate his favourite colour. Also like that DitL sessions, there’s a book included because it’s important to give images context in the greater story being told.

This is Me sessions start at $275 including a 20-page 5×7 photo book.


Back in the fall, I asked Isaac if he’d let me follow him around. This session was done over a period of 3 hours and involves a lot of Isaac’s favourite things and is very definitely focused entirely on him rather than on his family, making it more like a ‘This is Me’ session than a ‘Day in the Life’. What I found interesting about this session was how at ease he became with having a camera tag along; we chatted throughout the morning so that he didn’t find it awkward to have me hanging around and that constant interaction meant that he was happy to get on with his day and tell me about it. Here’s the results of our time together.

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