Doing this review with Kristin was such a fun exercise. Not only did it give us a chance to go through all of the Cornwall wedding photos that she created this year, but it gave us a chance to look back on 12 months of weddings that we laughed our way through together.

It’s hard to believe that Kristin has been shooting alongside me for less than 16 months and that 18 months ago, she had no experience at all. She’s learning to watch carefully for moments to happen, she’s catching the tears and the laughter, and she’s become so perceptive about some of the fine details that come with a wedding day. Most of all, she’s learned to run with it when I give her Plan A and end up operating on Plan G. She’s hung out of my sunroof, peeked over balcony edges and climbed on furniture. I’m waiting for her to end up in a tree in 2018. ;)

It fills me with pride to be able to post Kristin’s highlight collection for 2017. To each couple who welcomed her to their day, we both thank you. By having her there, you allowed us to pull of shots that I couldn’t have done on my own and we hope that you love the results!

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Kristin works with Ang as part of Photography, a family and wedding photography studio based in Cornwall, ON and available throughout the region. Our goal is to capture modern wedding portraits and priceless moments from throughout your wedding day so that you’ll have plenty to look back on once the dress is put away and the flowers have dried. Kristin works as a second photographer and her services can be added to any wedding package. We invite you to check out other posts on to see other examples of our Cornwall wedding photos, as well as weddings from Ottawa and surrounding areas.