Welcome to a whole new generation of party favour!

This sleek all-in-one, open-concept design means your guests now have SPAAAAAAAACE – there is plenty of room to play without anyone being squished into a box. Your guests simply show up, use the liveview screen to line themselves up in the frame, and then they can start packing as many people in as they can fit on the screen. Once everyone is ready to roll, my assistant manages the touchscreen and the countdown to fun photos is on – no remote needed!

Want to know what’s included? The easy answer: EVERYTHING. We’ve got all of the bases covered by providing you with:

  • a full-time attendant to help you so you just have to concentrate on looking awesome
  • professional studio lighting, which means your photos will be good and BRIGHT!
  • fully customizable print layout designed just for your event
  • a choice of backdrops to suit your event theme
  • use of Moment.us Photography’s prop box to help get your guests’ imaginations working
  • prints for participants, plus digital copies for the folks who booked the booth
  • a link to an online folder of downloadable images
  • Facebook sharing so that your guests can see everyone’s photos the next day!

With prices starting at just $500 for 2 hours ($650 for 3hrs; $800 for 4hrs), the booth is an awesome way to add extra energy to proms and grad parties; weddings and anniversary celebrations; special birthdays; company Christmas parties and corporate events. Contact me for more information – your guests will thank you!