When I first started my business, Mila was one of the very first newborns that I had the pleasure of working with. Three years and many sessions later, she is now a little lady with a beautiful little sister. Megan contacted me to book their final package session and I knew that I wanted this shoot to be special. With three locations, multiple outfit changes, and a serious shift towards lifestyle photos, I feel like we got to do something that meets the requirements of “special.” I’m now faced with a collection of photos that include some portraits of a beautiful family, but we also captured so many images that reflect interests,  relationships and growth within their family in a session that gave me the opportunity to shoot the way I love to shoot.

(Quick side note, since I could write an entire blog post about the change of approach starting to be evident in this session: if you’re interested in photos that are more documentary than they are posed, check out these services , keep an eye out for the upcoming post from my session with the Deschamps family, or just give me a shout and talk to me about how we can make your shoot “different.”)

There’s so much that stands out in my mind about this session: the many ways that Luke and Megan are being outstanding parents in the best way that they can; “Teacher Mila” nearly (accidentally) smacking anyone within reach with the metre stick as she tried to move around the desks while carrying it in her hands; the spontaneous meltdown over a stick :); the excitement and concern Mila expressed about sinking in the soft muck of the riverbed; the pure joy on Sadie’s face when greeted nose-to-nose by Dave (their dog); Luke swinging an underpants-less Mila around after she decided she didn’t want to put that part of her outfit on; watching Dad and daughter throw stones together or Mom and daughter explore the river together. These are the things you get to capture when you let life happen in front of your photographer and I’m so grateful to the Simses for deciding to roll with it and not put too much emphasis on the formal portraits.

Here are some highlights:

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