Allison and Ollie’s session in the studio was featured here a short while ago. Jarrett missed out because of illness, so they came back for a few extra photos of the whole (growing) family together. Where Allison’s first shot was about playing with formal portraiture, this session was completely different. I wanted to depict how their family is right now – how they play, how they interact, how Ollie runs the show for a few more short weeks; the fact that Allison is carrying their daughter was a supporting detail. When Allison talks to me about motherhood and about pregnancy, these shots are what come to mind; the playful and supportive roles that she and Jarrett each play on a daily basis with Ollie and how being pregnant merges with those roles. Being pregnant for the second time isn’t at all the same as with the first; this time around, there’s someone else demanding attention, so you work your pregnancy experience around that little person. That being said, Ollie is involved in this pregnancy. I love seeing his growing awareness of Allison’s bump – he knows there’s something in there and that it’s coming his way soon; he kisses it and pats it and is already attentive.

Here are some favourite shots of some of my favourite people. Take a look at the shot of Ollie’s face when he’s walking toward Jarrett – that look of unadulterated glee is one of my most favourite expressions. :)

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