The Breuers – Rural Ontario Family Photojournalism


This session was SO MUCH FUN! I joined Loes, Hans and Elliott late in the afternoon and stayed until bedtime for one of my Toothbrush Sessions – a 3-hr documentary session that starts first thing in the morning or runs from afternoon until bedtime. We played with trucks, snuck some chicken out of the freezer, ate dinner, played games after diaper changes, made it through bath time and enjoyed a bit of Robert Munsch before bed. No posing, no planning – just the reality of living with a three year old.

This session was full of laughter and sleepy cuddles; bath bubbles and trucks; grumps and whines; and lots of play. Sound familiar? I think most parents fill their days with some combination of all of that. Ever think to document it?  Check out the video to see why I absolutely adore this type of session – it’s a little glimpse into real life with a little one.


I’m Ang – a photographer with a passion for capturing light and photographing natural moments in life as they happen anywhere in the world. My goal is to capture memories that you will cherish once your children are too grown up to curl into your lap for cuddles and the house seems oddly quiet at night. I love meeting new families in their natural environment and getting in amongst the bedlam so that I can document the perfectly imperfect realities of daily life. Please explore more of to see more examples of candid rural Ontario family photojournalism.