My approach to sharing weddings is changing this year. Not every wedding story will be told in its entirety this year, despite my love for my couples. Writing has long been a hobby of mine and sharing stories about how I see a wedding day unfold brings me great joy; however, it also takes a phenomenal amount of time (it’s pretty common for a blog post to take me three hours), and I end up focusing on telling the whole story, rather than showing my favourite parts. I want to show the “real” stuff – the stuff that gives me the feels – so that you can tell whether I’m right for you. From now on, I’m going to be showing you what I love about weddings.

And what is that?

Full-on, gut-shaking belly laughter; delirious squeals of delight; quiet tears; the oft-dreaded “ugly cry”; smiles so bright they’re practically blinding. I want to work with couples who are present in their moment. Who show honest emotion. Who don’t struggle to maintain composure instead of letting it roll. Who don’t resort to frantic blotting of eyes out of fear that mascara may run or that the guys might tease them. The flip side of this is that showing emotion also shows trust, and I want to work for clients who have complete trust in me. (But hey, I’m not saying that you have to cry to prove that you trust me. ;) )

Here’s the deal: there’s no such thing as an even keel on a wedding day. Weddings are SO emotional for many people – and THAT is what I love to capture. Your wedding day may be one of the most emotional days of your life, and I want you to feel comfortable being honest and true with that, whether it’s through tears, smiles, or whoopin’ and hollerin’.

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I’m Ang – a Cornwall, Ontario-based photographer with a passion for finding light and documenting real life for families in Cornwall, Ottawa, Montreal, and around the world.