bride and groom embrace during first look on front steps of Strathmere InnWell. I’ve been trying – and failing – to keep sharing weddings from this year because it’s been such an incredible one with amazing couples, so since I just saw Anne and Zach for their viewing session, this is the perfect time to highlight their day. This one is a real doozy with plenty of story to it.

Anne and Zach planned a gorgeous, home-styled Strathmere wedding in August. Zach looked dapper in his suit and Anne’s bohemian floral crown topped off hairstyling most commonly associated with Greek goddesses. Their arbour was decorated by Veronica, Zach’s grandmother, and the geniuses behind their multi-layered ombre cake were Moe and Sylvie, Zach’s aunt and uncle. You can wait for the announcement that the Corriveaus are opening a one-stop wedding shop any day now. ;) Just to make their day that much more perfect, Anne and Zach planned for two very special guests of honour: Douglas and Alice. They were a little over-excited and had a tendency to want to lick everyone and everything, and given that they didn’t stop to poop in the aisle (much to my chagrin), their performance was a success – what more can you ask for from two adorable pugs? :)

bride and groom laugh while holding two pugs

The day before the wedding, I had a little fire incident at home that landed me in the hospital for most of the day while I was treated for first- and second-degree burns. A back-up plan was rapidly put in place because it wasn’t clear when I’d be released, but thankfully, Kristin and I were both able to be there with Anne & Zach for the whole day. My fellow Engaged Collective member and one of Rubicon Photography’s co-owners, Ryan Seyeau, was able to step in as back-up to shoot alongside us for a good portion of that day, so some of the images you’ll see in the video down below come courtesy of his amazingly supportive efforts.

groom stands in deep shadow on day of Strathmere wedding bride stands in front of window on wedding day at Strathmere Inn bride stands in sunshine holding bouquet bride and groom cuddle during first look ahead of Strathmere wedding ceremony bride and groom snuggle under willow at Strathmere

Anthony, a good friend of Anne and Zach’s, unofficiated (it’s a word – I said so) a beautiful ceremony and was helped in making it all official courtesy of his officiant sidekick. :) Anthony’s anecdotes and insights were personal, meaningful and highlighted the wonderful character of both the bride and groom. Anne and Zach each wrote their own vows, which were touching to listen to but also served as a guaranteed way to elicit tears from just about every person present. I loved how open they both were with their emotions and the thought that went into planning their words to one another. guest wipes eyes during Strathmere wedding vowsbridesmaid wipes eyes during Strathmere wedding ceremony

Before the first dance, their DJ, Al, quietly expressed some concern over their first dance song. He hadn’t been filled in on the story (nor had I, so I couldn’t clarify for him at the time), but it turns out that Anne and Zach planned to approach this formal portion of the evening with as little formality as humanly possible: the song was a novice recorder player’s efforts at performing the classic song, “My Heart Will Go On.” It was awful. And hilarious. Kudos to Al because I just learned that he brought the song out for a repeat performance as the last dance of the night. Anne’s dance with her father was equally unexpected and the room erupted in laughter while they matched the ever-changing tempo of “You Can Fly” (yep, that’s correct – the song from Peter Pan). Anne & Zach’s speech was so heartfelt and Anne’s girls raced in for a teary group hug immediately after. It’s my second wedding working with many of these girls – with a third to come next year – and I never grow tired of watching them be together. They are each strong, humorous, emotionally invested in one another’s lives, and staunchly supportive of each other. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about Anne and Zach, it’s that they’ve managed to surround themselves with sincere and genuinely caring people. If ever you need a testament to a person’s character, you just need to look at their inner circle, and these two have chosen some of the best.

As well as the top-notch wedding team at Strathmere, these two had an incredible support team of vendors (and family) helping them get ready for this day.

Hair: Topknot Hairstyling

Floral crown: Jewel Feathers 

Makeup: Lauren at the Strathmere Retreat

Arbor and cake: Veronica, Moe and Sylvie Corriveau

Flowers: The Village Green Flower Shop

Anne and Zach. What. A. Day. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for not panicking (well, for only panicking a little bit) when I told you not to panic while calling from a hospital bed. Thank you for staying true to your own selves and living this day as openly as you did. You’re amazing.

Here’s a video of my favourite moments from the day:

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