Ryan and Tonya got married in late-February in an intimate ceremony attended by 50 of their closest family and friends. As the told me during our consultation session: everyone there mattered – there were no extras, no invitations to people they felt they should invite – and they spoke with such warmth and feeling when they talked about who they invited and why. With such a small guest list, it was a privilege to get the chance to speak to every guest in attendance while I photographed them.

Tonya chose a beautiful dress that fit her perfectly and Ryan looked dapper in his grey suit with burgundy accents (LOVE this colour combination, by the way!). Little did he know when the day began, but Ryan would end up taking responsibility for all of the ties, since he was the only man in the wedding party with any idea as to how to tie a double Windsor, and Cory’s most important job for the day was to search YouTube for a video to help with the boutonnières. Tonya’s girls had an easier time of it, except for the utterly confounding mystery of figuring out how to bustle the bride’s gown. They all managed to get their jobs done and everyone came out laughing (not a surprise, with these guys!).

If they kept it simple when it came to their guest list, they certainly kept it light-hearted when it came to their ceremony. Ryan and Tonya, you two giggle more than ANYONE I have ever met. It’s hilarious! From Tonya getting caught in the doorway with her dad and Ryan’s burst of laughter during the vows, to motorboating men and hula hooping adults, there was plenty of laughter throughout the “serious” bits, and certainly during the rest of the day.

Ryan and Tonya, thank you so much for letting me document your special day. It was an honour to be there with you. Congratulations!


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