I had the good fortune to spend a lovely overcast evening working with the awesome Eamon family recently. We ran, we walked, we pounced, we crawled… I’m pretty sure that we covered just about every form of moving from point A to point B ever known to man. And boy, did we have a great time! The girls are two of the most expressive individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with, not to mention two of the most energetic. I’m fairly sure that Kate’s feet spent almost as much time in the air as they did on the ground. She tried soooooo hard to stand ‘still’ (because she seemed to think that’s what was required), but when you’ve got happy feet, standing still just isn’t part of your repertoire and I got a series of shots showing her gradual descent into silliness. :)


I was thrilled to be able to send their proofs out and I’m equally excited about sharing some of my favourites here. I’ve included a couple of shots from their outtake reel, just because they make me chuckle.


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